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How To Install ThermoFilm Under Laminate

There is NO easier floor warming system to install!

Follow these easy steps:

Please read & follow the detailed instructions provided with your radiant floor warming order. The overview below does not substitute the installation manual.

  • For floating laminate and wood floors. Layers: (1) subfloor (2) underlayment (3) ThermoFilm (4) Vapor Barrier (5) Laminate Floor
  • For carpet and vinyl. Add a layer of medium density fiberboard above (4) and under carpet (5).

There's simply NO easier way to install a floor warming system! NO CEMENT REQUIRED!

ThermoFilm Installation Image One

1. Install underlayment over the total subfloor.

ThermoFilm Installation Image Two

2. Roll out your radiant floor warming film and arrange to fit your heated area. Tape seams of film rows.

ThermoFilm Installation Image Three

3. Install floor temperature sensor and run lead wires from the end of each film to the electrical junction box.

ThermoFilm Installation Image Four

4. Cover film with vapor barrier.

ThermoFilm Installation Image Five

5. Install thermostat and make electrical connections.

ThermoFilm Installation Image Six

6. For wall-to-wall carpet, carpet tile, and vinyl, install fiberboard over ThermoFilm.

Film under carpet preview image Film under vinyl preview image

7. Install floor covering following floor manufacturer’s instructions.

ThermoFilm Installation Image Seven

For more detailed instructions, please review the installation manual:

Installation manual preview image
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