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Radiant Floor Heating Products

<strong>ThermoTile<sup>®</sup></strong> for Ceramic & Stone Tile

ThermoTile® for Ceramic & Stone Tile

and for Laminate, Carpet and Wood with self-leveling cement

ThermoTile radiant in-floor heating systems can be installed under most types of flooring. ThermoTile is thin - about an 1/8 inch - which simplifies installation. Our underfloor heating mats are made with commercial-grade fiberglass mesh that holds the heating cable flat for fast and easy installation. The mesh can be cut and manipulated to fit any floor space and it also works as an anti-fracture membrane increasing floor strength. Other key features of our radiant floor warming system include Zero EMF, Advanced Overheat Protection, an Industry Leading Lifetime Warranty, and it's made in the USA.

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<strong>ThermoFloor<sup>®</sup></strong> for Laminate, Wood, Wall-to-Wall Carpet, or Vinyl and Carpet Tile

ThermoFloor® for Laminate, Wood, Wall-to-Wall Carpet, or Vinyl and Carpet Tile

ThermoFloor is a 3-in-1 radiant underfloor heating system primarily for use under laminate, engineered wood, hardwood and other floating floors. Our ThermoFloor radiant heat pads insulate the subfloor below while suppressing noise and warming your floor. The randomly air-laid filaments in our radiant floor heating pads create a capillary effect to cushion the floor and absorb impact sound. No other electric floor heating system is constructed like it! Our electric flooring costs less, is easily installed and has many advantages over other electric floors.

NO THINSET MORTAR IS REQUIRED. Its ultra-thin heating elements are mounted on special sound reducing and temperature-insulating padding.

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ThermoFilm<sup>®</sup> for Laminate, Wood, Wall-to-Wall Carpet, or Vinyl and Carpet Tile

ThermoFilm® for Laminate, Wood, Wall-to-Wall Carpet, or Vinyl and Carpet Tile

ThermoFilm is a thin and uniform radiant floor heating system specifically designed for laminate and floating hardwood and engineered wood floors. It installs over commonly found underlayments including Insulayment® compressed synthetic fibers, Cerazorb synthetic cork, and polymer foams.

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Heating Cable and Schluter<sup>®</sup> Ditra-Heat Uncoupling Membrane

Heating Cable and Schluter® Ditra-Heat Uncoupling Membrane

Now you can easily install heat cable to heat your tile floor with uncoupling technology for improved protection against tile and grout cracking. Not only does Ditra-Heat eliminate the major cause of tile cracking, its polypropylene composition protects the subfloor from moisture penetration. This is particularly important in bathrooms, kitchens, and any environment affected by moisture. What's more, since Ditra-Heat's structure is virtually incompressible within the tile assembly, uncoupling is achieved without sacrificing point load distribution capability. Speed-up your cable installation and gain the advantages of Ditra-Heat uncoupling membrane.

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<strong>ThermoSlab<sup>®</sup></strong> for Concrete Slabs

ThermoSlab® for Concrete Slabs

ThermoSlab Storage Heating System consists of heating cables installed in the foundation of a building either in the concrete slab, or in the sand bed below the concrete slab. Control of the heating cables is achieved with one of ThermoSoft's radiant floor heating system thermostats with GFCI (sold separately). Thermosoft's power module with GFCI (sold separately) or a separate contactor and GFCI are required for current loads above 15A. Storage heating consists of heating a concrete slab. One of the economic benefits of ThermoSlab is that it makes effective use of off-peak electricity pricing. The slab is charged with heat when electricity rates are low and gently radiates to the floor and living space during the day, providing a comfortable, efficient and reliable heat source. Versatile and easy to install, ThermoSlab storage heating system is the optimal way to heat residential or commercial buildings.

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<strong>Thermostats</strong> for Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Thermostats for Radiant Floor Heating Systems

We carry many types of thermostats from the best manufacturers in the world. Maintain complete comfort with the most reliable thermostats designed specifically for radiant floor heating applications. Each thermostat carries an industry leading 3 year warranty. While you may have a thermostat for the air temperature in the room, it is still important to have one for monitoring the in floor heating temperature to ensure it doesn't become too hot.

Programmable radiant floor warming thermostats save energy by offering 4 convenient, programmable temperature settings.

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<strong>Accessories</strong> for Radiant Floor Heat Installation

Accessories for Radiant Floor Heat Installation

To help insure your installation is a success, ThermoSoft provides convenient one-stop shopping access to a select set of invaluable tools and accessories. A digital multimeter is necessary for taking resistance measurements during the installation. Our plastic trowel prevents accidental nicks of the heating wire. Soft foam knee pads protect knees as well as the heating wire. And InstAlarm® continuously monitors your installation and sounds an alarm if an accident occurs.

Save time shopping around and gain peace of mind knowing that you or your contractor has all the right tools for the job.

Bathroom Surface Heating Products

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<strong>ThermoClear<sup>™</sup></strong> Anti-Fog Heated Mirror Defoggers

ThermoClear Anti-Fog Heated Mirror Defoggers

Now you can enjoy clear mirrors in your bath without an expensive trip to a luxury spa or hotel. ThermoClear mirror defoggers keep mirrors clear so you can have fog-free mirrors even after long, hot showers. No more steamed up mirrors, no more wiping and smudging mirrors to keep them clear. ThermoClear low-wattage mirror defoggers are energy efficient and easy-to-install to the back of your bathroom mirror. Simply turn on the lights and ThermoClear provides a crystal clear, steam free mirror. Installation is easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Select the mirror defogger size that is right for your mirror.
  2. Peel-and-stick the mirror heater to the back of your mirror.
  3. Connect to light switch power and enjoy. It’s that simple!
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<strong>ThermoShower<sup>™</sup></strong> Heating Mats for Showers

ThermoShower Heating Mats for Showers

ThermoShower provides a soothing warm floor upon entering the shower. It also helps to dry the shower when not in use to prevent mold and mildew. ThermoShower can be installed under most types of shower floors when embedded in thin-set mortar or self-leveling cement. The fiberglass mesh also works as an anti-fracture membrane increasing floor strength. Other key features include:
  • Zero electro-magnetic field (EMF)
  • Advanced overheat protection
  • An industry leading lifetime warranty
  • UL Listed for shower installation
  • Made in the USA
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<strong>ThermoTub<sup>®</sup></strong> Bathtub Heaters

ThermoTub® Bathtub Heaters

  • Wide selection of standard size offerings
  • Flexible, strong & uniquely safe
  • Customizable sizes & shapes
  • Heat saving, reflective foil/foam insulation
  • Peel & stick adhesive for fast installation
  • Hermetically sealed heating elements and connections
  • Made in the USA

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