Self-adhesive strips to cover the room perimeter in order to significantly simplify the installation of radiant floor heating system.
  • 24" x 2" x 5/16" Synthetic cork strips
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Lightweight
  • Provides "soft joint" perimeter
  • Cuts with standard utility knife
  • No waste
  • Stackable to 15/16"
  • Synthetic cork material will not rot, support mold and mildew,
    or absorb moisture

How to use ThermoStrips
when installing radiant floor heating mats using self-leveling cement:
  • Peel and stick the strips around the perimeter of the floor area to be leveled.
  • Install strips over any floor ducts - they will be easily cut out after the self-leveling cement is dry.
  • Strips used at the door thresholds will contain the self-leveling cement.
  • Install radiant floor heating system within the floor area to be heated and leveled.
  • Brush primer for the self-leveling cement over heating mat and onto the subfloor.
  • Mix the self-leveling cement as per manufacturer's instructions.
  • Pour the self-leveling cement up to the ThermoStrips allowing it to flow.
  • The self-leveling cement will flow to, and stop at the strips. The result will be a flush transition between the ThermoStrips and the self-leveling cement.
  • Leave in ThermoStrips and install finished floor after the self-leveling cement has completely dried.
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