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"We had a three season room and wanted to use it year round... someone mentioned radiant floor heating and we found Thermosoft. The order came promptly. We are pleased with the product and service and we are pleased with the way we are able to use our 3 season room."

Brad & Connie Meeder
Hebron, Indiana

"I love our new ThermoSoft Flooring... I was very cautious about flooring choices, and did not like the feeling of cold ceramic when I step out of the shower, but after the installation of our ThermoSoft flooring, I found the floor to be very warm and comforting... It works very well."

Damon & Amanda Wenrich
Lebanon, PA

"I enjoy working with ThermoSoft on our basement remodel... I'm just a do it yourselfer and believe anyone can do it... very easy to work with, took me an extra 10 or 15 minutes to lay down and we've been thrilled... my girls love having their feet warmed!"

Matt Brakke
Pierre, South Dakota

"I'm a construction consultant... I used ThermoSoft before and was so pleased I thought I would use it on my new construction project... The product can be easily installed by your do it yourselfer as well as your professional... the energy savings have been quite significant!"

Chris Kneppers
Princeton, NJ

"It gets pretty darn cold up here, and the tile floors can feel pretty cool to the feet... you know that feeling you have when you go to the beach... this is how your customer will feel about ThermoSoft radiant floor heating. When the customers step on the floor, they have warm thoughts for you."

Weston Arey (electrician)

"We had ThermoSoft in our first house... when we moved into our next house we installed radiant floor heating in all of the bathrooms. We love the product... very easy to install. It is on all the time in the bathrooms, even in the summer!"

Yan Belfor
Highland Park, Illinois

"We really enjoy ThermoSoft... easy to do... I enjoy getting on to my master bath... shaving and standing on my warm floors. It is ready to get cold again here and I'm so looking forward to using my floor heating again during the cold season. Thank you ThermoSoft!"

David Lassiter
Greensboro, North Carolina

"We converted my screened in porch to a 3 season room. We laid out the ThermoSoft mats, put tile down. The support at ThermoSoft was excellent, we had a few questions during installation and they totally took care of us! We did it ourselves and I highly recommend it!"

Brian Thomas
Columbus, Ohio

Welcome to ThermoSoft, inventor and US manufacturer of award-winning electric heating products. Let us prove that we are your best choice and resource for your floor heating project.

We manufacture all radiant floor heating products in our factory in Illinois. Due to our local manufacturing and warehousing capabilities we are never out of stock of warm floor products. We ship 99% of our orders on the SAME business day!

Working with our friendly and highly trained Radiant Floor Heating Experts is as easy as 1,2,3:

  • Project Review: We will review your warm floor project with you and explain all your options.
  • Immediate Quote and Quick Layout: You will know the cost and all money-saving options right away. We can also create a quick custom CAD layout for your installation.
  • Fast Delivery: We will make sure your heated floors materials are delivered on time.

Thermosoft is a BBB Accredited Business with an "A+" rating.

We offer the following solutions for all your under floor heating requirements:

  • ThermoTile® dual wire radiant electric floor heater for ceramic or porcelain tile, marble, granite, natural stone, carpet or vinyl tiles and other cementitious floors. Or, just heat the concrete floor in your garage or basement.
  • ThermoFloor® 3-in-1 radiant floor heat system heats, insulates and quiets laminate, engineered and floating wood floors. What's more, no cement is required for installation!
  • Radiant Floor Heating Thermostats and Accessories for any type of installation.
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ThermoSoft has been manufacturing and selling radiant heating products worldwide since 1996. Our products have been featured on HDTV, QVC TV, DIY Network, WBBM Radio and in several remodeling magazines, newspaper home sections and related shows. More than 1,400,000 households in North America enjoy electric heating products made by ThermoSoft. All our products are listed in compliance with UL safety standards.

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What else should you know about ThermoSoft radiant floor heating?

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  • Easy-to install. ThermoSoft's radiant floor heating systems are so easy to install they are preferred by do-it-yourselfers and professional installers alike.
  • Low Price. By ordering our advanced heated floor systems directly from Thermosoft's factory, you can be assured of the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices.
  • Easy-to-Order. Conveniently place your radiant floor heating system order online on our secure website or call our toll-free number: 800-308-8057. All products are available for immediate shipment!
  • Friendly In-House Experts. We have an extensive, USA based, in-house team of highly trained radiant floor heating experts ready to assist you before your order and during installation.
  • Energy Saving. ThermoSoft electric floor heating saves energy up to 40%. All the electric energy is converted to radiant heat directly below the surface of your floor creating floor-to-body warmth. No energy is expended blowing air or pumping water and no heat is lost in the ductwork.

CALL US NOW and we will demonstrate our efficiency and quality while helping you enjoy the soothing comfort of warm floors. See how easy it is to order any of our radiant floor heating products online or by calling 800-308-8057. Let your feet step on warm floor!



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