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  2. Saves money when you buy radiant floor heat or under tile floor heating systems directly from us, the manufacturer.
  3. Installation-friendly 10' grounded lead wires are pre-attached to one end of the 1.5' wide radiant floor heating mat. You don't need to worry about where the in floor heating mat ends! Just cut the mesh and turn it any way to fit your floor space for warm tile anywhere.
  4. "Zero EMF" (electromagnetic field). ThermoTile radiant floor heating systems are manufactured, unlike any other heated floor system, with both a current return wire AND an inner foil wrap to eliminate EMF risk. This eliminates interference with telephones, radios, pacemakers, hearing aides and television. Without these features, other electric floor heating systems can act as a huge static-causing antenna under your heated floor.
  5. Advanced overheat protection. We use our FiberThermics™ heating wires with self-limiting properties to eliminate overheating of the radiant under tile floor heating mats.
  6. Four insulation layers including an outer alkaline and acid resistant Nylon layer that protects against moisture and mechanical damage in your under tile heating system.
  7. Commercial-grade fiberglass mesh that holds the heating cable flat for fast and easy installation and also acts as an anti-fracture membrane increasing floor strength.
  8. Installation under virtually any floor covering, including ceramic or porcelain tiles, stone tiles, carpet or vinyl tiles, laminate, glued wood when imbedded in self-leveling cement.
  9. UL Listed in both the USA and Canada. So there is no need to settle for other under tile heating systems that claim UL approved components only.
  10. Made in the USA and ships same day or next business day.
  11. Lifetime Warranty of our floor warming system that can be transfered homeowner to homeowner¹


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Radiant floor heating under tile preview image
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ThermoTile Electric Floor Heat Systems Will Save On Your Energy Bills!

Electric radiant floor heating is by far more efficient way to warm tiles than other electric floor heating systems. It is a common misconception that electric heated floors will increase your energy bill. Unlike forced air systems, radiant floor heating systems do not waste heat being forced through the ducts nor do they waste energy by heating the ceiling. Because you will feel warmer with electric floor heating, the thermostat can be set at a lower temperature. You will enjoy the luxury of warm tile with the under tile heating in your bathrooms, kitchen, basement, or anywhere in your home while reducing energy costs up to 40% with ThermoTile electric radiant in floor heating mats.

Simply enjoy the warmth of ThermoTile's safe, affordable floor and under tile radiant floor heating and join thousands of ThermoSoft's satisfied customers!


Maximize energy efficiency with our programmable thermostat when installing heated floors.

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Everything you need to know
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