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Why Our Ancestors Would Have Chosen ThermoSoft® Heated Tile Floors


Did you know that the idea of underfloor heating has been around for thousands of years? Our ancestors did not like the feel of cold flooring on their feet either, so they would use smoke to keep their feet and room warm. They would actually use fire to draft smoke, which would flow through stone covered trenches under their floor dwellings. The end result would be heated floors that would help them stay warm during the long winters.

Although we no longer use smoke to heat our floors, the same basic principle still remains. Unfloor heating is an uncomplicated and highly effective way to keep a room warm. It can not only help homeowners save money on their energy bills each month; it is easy to install and will not involve any major renovation. If you are looking for a way to add comfort to your home and save a little money, try out ThermoSoft® heated tile floors.

Tile Floor Heating

Five Reasons Why Our Customers Are Happy after Installing ThermoTile® Flooring

  1. There is no maintenance. Once the electric heated flooring is installed, the work is done. You don't have to worry about leaky pipes, fans, or other issues as you would with a hydronic or forced air system.
  2. You save money. We mentioned this above, but we can't say it enough. You save money because you heat the part of the room that needs heat. Oftentimes, heat from forced air systems goes straight to the ceiling, which does you no good.
  3. You'll go to sleep at night. No more noisy fans. ThermoTile® flooring is extremely quiet, allowing for a great night sleep.
  4. No more allergies. To that same end, forced air systems blow dust around. If you're allergic to dust mites or mold, this could make your life miserable. Our heated tile flooring is hypoallergenic.
  5. You can walk barefoot again. Can't find your slippers? Not a problem when you have ThermoTile® flooring heating your floors. You'll be comfortable all year round.

Our ancestors had it right when it came to underfloor heating. Luckily, we no longer have to start a fire in order to keep our floor warm. When looking at heating systems, don't overthink things. Look for a system that is affordable, can be installed easily, and will not cause you any trouble later on. ThermoTile® flooring offers these benefits and more. Contact us today to learn more.

What is Radiant Floor Heating?


Radiant floor heating has existed for thousands of years. The Romans first implemented in it by building raised marble floors. The fires which were used for heating had their flues built to channel the rising heat from the fire to flow underneath the floors. This kept feet and rooms in Rome much warmer. Centuries later, radiant floor heating was tried again, this time with hot water being pumped through buried copper popes in homes. The problem then was the copper pipes eroding and leaking. Fortunately, technology has provided us with a new means of radiant floor heating which is more effective than ever before.

Today, you can install a radiant floor heating system in any part of your home, whether you want it in just a couple bathrooms or the whole house. The form of radiant floor heating involves using special mats which have wires running through them. When electricity runs through these mats they heat up and then heat the floor above them. This provides heat to cold floors and allows heat to naturally rise up through a room making it far more comfortable for inhabitants.

Tile Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is far more energy efficient because of where it applies heat in a home. Instead of trying to warm a whole room from the edges, like many radiators do or with hot air ducts, it comes from the bottom up. Hot air ducts apply the air to the top of the room and the heat immediately rises up and then only starts to sink back down after it has begun to cool. Radiators are always near the walls of the house, so lots of heat bleeds out immediately and it leaves parts of the room cold. Radiant floor heating can be easily controlled with a thermostat and is applied evenly across the entire room from underneath the floor.

Radiant floor heating can be easily controlled via a thermostat just like a hot air heat and radiators are. This type of heating is quiet and doesn't cause the noise that hot air heat and radiators do. It will help people who suffer from allergies, too, because it doesn't blow dust into rooms from ducts like hot air heat. This style of radiant floor heating can be easily installed all kinds of houses and underneath wood, tile and carpet floors. The installation is very straightforward and simple which means any enterprising home owner can do it themselves if they desire.

If you're looking for a more comfortable, energy efficient way to heat your home in the cold months, then radiant floor heating is the system for you.

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