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October 25, 2013

Leading Radiant Floor Heating System Provider Offers Hope to Americans with Rising Healthcare Costs

ThermoSoft is offering discounted floor warming systems to help consumers offset the rising costs of healthcare. Increased comfort and energy savings are added bonuses.

Many Americans are seeing their healthcare insurance premiums rise for 2014. If premiums are not rising, then deductibles are increasing. Either way, Americans expect their out-of pocket healthcare costs to go up. ThermoSoft International Corporation is offering discounts on the up-front investment in their floor warming systems this fall to help offset rising healthcare costs. What's more, ThermoSoft's customers can expect to save energy with ThermoSoft's radiant floor heat rather than using convection heat to stay warm this winter.

With convection heating, a significant amount of warmth is lost in the ductwork; as much as 35% according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Convection heat (warm air), rises to the ceiling where even more heat loss occurs. In contrast, ThermoSoft floor warming feels more comfortable and warmer because it is attracted to people like the sun rays on a cool day. With radiant floor heat, there are no drafts from a fan blowing convection heat. Because of these unique thermal dynamics, homeowners can turn down their thermostats 5 or 6 degrees and still feel as comfortable with ThermoSoft's floor warming systems as with convection heat. Utilities report a savings potential of 3-5% for every 1 degree the thermostat is dialed down.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers described the radiant advantage like this: "The average 65°F radiant comfort temperature with 59°F day/night setback should reduce building heat load by 25% to 35% over convective systems." What's more, ThermoSoft's floor warming systems can be installed in individual rooms with their own thermostats so that rooms can be programmed for heating only when needed.

ThermoSoft's user-friendly website is informative, easy to navigate and facilitates placing customer orders 24/7/365. The website is always accessible and never suffers from tech surges or any other problems related to high customer traffic. ThermoSoft is in business to provide as many customers as possible with high quality radiant floor heating systems at the lowest, most competitive prices. Friendly, informative, respectful and professional company sales representatives are standing by to answer floor warming and installation questions by phone or by chat. Like ThermoSoft's floor warming systems that are made in the USA, ThermoSoft's website was programmed in the USA and ThermoSoft is an American company that works.

With up-front savings on the price of radiant floor heat and ongoing energy savings, now is the time to install a new heated floor to help offset the chill of winter and higher healthcare costs.

ThermoSoft International Corporation is the leading, fully integrated, USA manufacturer of UL and ETL/Intertek compliant electric underfloor heating systems that are easy-to-install, affordable and green, saving energy up to 40%. ThermoSoft provides its systems for installation under almost any type of floor covering. Same day shipping, lifetime warranty, toll-free installation and lifetime technical support are also provided for ThermoSoft's floor warming systems.

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