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July 29, 2008

Summertime - the Best Time for Do It Yourself Floor Heating

Energy saving, easy-to-install electric floor heating systems from ThermoSoft International Corporation

Buffalo Grove, IL (MarketWire) July 29, 2008 - At the height of summer, heating your home may be the furthest thing from your mind, but summertime is actually the best time to install an electric floor heating system says ThermoSoft International Corporation, a market leading manufacturer of do it yourself radiant floor heating systems.

"Summer is the best time for homeowners to work on improving their property, and the decision to install a radiant floor heating system must be made before remodeling or starting new construction," said Dr. Eric Kochman, President of ThermoSoft International Corporation. "We recommend that our customers install their electric floor heating systems during the summer, well before the cold icy winter hits."

While most traditional floor warming systems must be imbedded in cement or require additional underlayment padding under the floating floors, ThermoSoft International Corporation offers a revolutionary floor warming system for floating laminate and engineered wood floors. This electric floor heating system, marketed under the brand name ThermoFloor™, installs directly under laminate, wood and engineered wood floors without cement and also replaces the generic foam pads that are normally laid under these types of floors.

"ThermoSoft floors are a great DIY project for anyone," said Kochman. "Simply roll out ThermoFloor™ heating pads, route the lead wires to power, duct tape the seams, and lay the floor. There is no easier way to achieve a warm floor than with ThermoFloor™."

ThermoFloor™ operates on standard household voltage, and the ENERGY STAR approved energy-saving programmable controls help ThermoFloor™ achieve up to 30-40% energy savings compared to conventional gas forced-air heating systems.

For more information on heating your home with ThermoFloor™, the electric floor heating system that thousands households in the U.S. and Canada enjoy, visit www.thermosoft.com.

About ThermoSoft International Corporation:

ThermoSoft International Corporation, incorporated in 1996, headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, is a leading USA manufacturer of UL and ETL listed electric heating systems for different applications. ThermoSoft offers factory-direct prices, same day shipping, lifetime technical support and free installation floor plans.

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