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Buying Floor Heat on ThermoSoft.com Safer Than Target


As 40 million credit and debit card accounts were compromised at Target, it's no wonder that consumers might become reluctant to purchase with plastic. However, Thermosoft assures customers that there is no more secure and convenient way to shop for floor warming systems than online at thermosoft.com.

As a leading online seller of floor warming systems in the USA and Canada, Thermosoft International Corporation announced the establishment of its own internal credit card fraud prevention department to confront and defeat fraudulent purchases of under floor heating equipment and accessories.

With an increase in fraudulent credit card activity in 2011, ThermoSoft contacted police departments where stolen goods were shipped in an effort to gain law enforcement support to prosecute the criminals. In one case, a cooperative Bensenville, IL detective agreed to arrange a sting where the floor heat thief was caught and shut down.

The crime syndicate worked like this: credit card numbers were stolen via cyber-hacking and transferred to an offshore organization located in Australia. The Australian organization recruited from a plethora of the U.S. unemployed via online ads seeking quality control checkers to work from home. Valuable, high quality floor warming merchandise, costing $300 or more, was purchased by the Australian organization charging stolen credit cards and shipped to the quality checker's home who immediately checked the goods, relabeled the box, and shipped it to Russia bound for the black market in stolen goods.

Since then, ThermoSoft established its own credit card fraud prevention department. The onus for preventing credit card fraud falls on the merchant who bears the loss when the burden of proof cannot establish that the true credit card owner received the merchandise. Since developing its own internal fraud prevention capability, the company has not suffered a loss. Fraud prevention is not only cost saving, it allows the company to keep prices down and remain one of, if not the most competitive U.S. floor warming merchant.

Floor Warming Systems in Littleton, Colorado


In 1859, Richard Sullivan Little, an engineer from New Hampshire made his way out west to work on irrigation systems. The 1859 "Pike's Peak Gold Rush", brought many people like him, including speculators into the Denver suburb area to hunt for fame and fortune. Well now, over a century has passed, and people are still looking for something that will put "gold" in their pockets. This is where ThermoSoft's floor warming systems come into play.

Recently X Construction of Littleton Colorado had a client that wanted to remodel their mudroom, hallway, bath and shower. X Construction quoted the project, and included electric radiant floor heating in the quote. Their customer loved the idea for several reasons. For the mudroom, a floor warming system will help to dry up the wet spots left by snowy boots and gear. Typically the mudroom is an area that is colder, coming right off of the garage, however, with a radiant floor heating system, it is now a cozy warm area, where kids and pets as well can gather before or after going outside. The bathroom for X Construction's client was a no brainer. From October through April – the cold tiles can really be uncomfortable, so heated tiles are the perfect solution. Even more, their clients decided to put the electric radiant floor heat in the shower stall as well, keeping everyone's feet warm before, during and after their showers. Where does the gold come in you might ask? Well, by proposing radiant floor heating to their clients, X Construction added another 25% to their bottom line, and is receiving scores of referrals to boot!

Thermosoft Floor Heating Promotes Indoor Global Warming with New ThermoKits


As the global warming debate rages, there is a convenient truth that everyone can agree on. People don't have to freeze in their homes this winter with new, convenient-to-install, electric radiant warm floor kits from Thermosoft.

Global warmists are perplexed by below normal (freezing) temperatures and snow covering much of the northern U.S. During the next two weeks, temperatures are projected to be 15 to 25°F below average throughout the Northwest, West, and Upper Midwest. One doesn't have to be an expert to understand that indoor global warming is desirable in winter. To promote indoor global warming this winter, Thermosoft is offering new floor heating kits that include everything needed to install a warm floor.

The new kits, dubbed ThermoKits™, include easy-to-install warm floor mat(s), thermostat with floor sensor, a choice of tool kits and installation instructions. ThermoKits provide soothing, infrared, radiant warmth like that coming from the sun. With ThermoKit's all natural radiant floor heat, a warm, comfortable and healthy indoor environment can be created -- the way nature intended.

house with lights on

Electric radiant floor heat is an expeditious and convenient way to achieve soothing warmth and comfort in problematic cold rooms. Thanks to advanced technology, Thermosoft's warm floor kits provide localized solutions tailored to individual rooms that are economical, energy saving and compatible with standard household electricity as well as alternative energy sources. What's more, ThermoKits are being offered at specially discounted prices over the next several weeks to promote healthy indoor global warming.

Homeowners and professional installers can conveniently shop Thermosoft's secure and verified website that reliably operates 24/7/365. However, the new ThermoKits are only available by calling Thermosoft's toll-free "heatline" so customers can speak with knowledgeable and trusted professionals to help them navigate the various ThermoKit warm floor options. Thermosoft's honest, informative, respectful company sales representatives are standing by to answer heated flooring and installation questions by phone or by chat. Thermosoft offers a 100% money back guarantee. ThermoSoft International Corporation is the leading, fully integrated, USA manufacturer of UL and ETL/Intertek compliant in floor heating systems that are easy-to-install, affordable and green, saving energy up to 40%.

Winter Arrives Early, It's Not Too Late to Install Warm Floors!


Winter's frightful temperatures have arrived early this year, but it's not too late for families to gather together to enjoy the warmth and comfort of floor heat. ThermoSoft International Corp. offers timely installation tips and online sales to keep the holidays warmer and families together.

In many parts of the country, temperatures are falling well short of their normal highs. But, unseasonably cold temperatures don't have to put a freeze on the holidays. When the weather outside is frightful and the family room with sliding patio doors is not so delightful, it's time to consider installing a warm floor.

Consumers increasingly wary that "gray Thursday" and "Black Friday" detract from family time during the holiday can shop online from the convenience of their own homes. There's no need to leave home and family and face the frenzied throngs of holiday shoppers. There's no waiting in long lines to get high quality floor heat systems at a deep discount.

Almost anyone can take advantage of their Thanksgiving holiday weekend (or the weeks to follow leading up to Christmas) to stay home with family and install a floor heat system. Three or four days are certainly enough time to install a warm floor in a family room, basement or kitchen, especially with ThermoSoft's ThermofFloor for laminate and engineered wood floors. Since ThermoSoft's ThermoFloor can be installed without any glue or cement, it can be installed in less than one day. The remaining two or three days' time is required to install the floor itself and for the electrician to "rough-in" the electrical and connect the thermostat.

ThermoSoft also offers floor heat for tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms. For people comfortable using thin-set mortar or self-leveling cement to install tile, these floor heat systems are do-it-yourself friendly. Otherwise, the homeowner can install the warm floor mats or cable and call a tile installer to lay the floor. An electrician is also needed to connect the thermostat.

Electric Floor Heating in Anchorage


Anchorage has been named by Kiplinger's as one of the most tax friendly cities in the United States, however, the cold weather can have a "taxing" effect on people as the north winds and cold snows blow. ThermoSoft regularly rides to the rescue with their floor warming systems, sparing Alaskans the uncomfortable and bone chilling feeling of cold feet (and eventually legs and torso on up!).

In 1867, U.S. Secretary of State, William H. Seward brokered a deal to purchase Alaska from Imperial Russia for about 7.2 million dollars. Well, now people are "rushin" to install our wonderful floor warming systems in their homes, and they aren't any "broker" for doing it! Recently, Mr. G a local diy'er decided to install electric floor heating in his bathroom, as he didn't want to wake up every day to the ice cold feeling of ceramic tile. "There is nothing like climbing out of bed, hearing the cold winds howl, and feeling the soothing, radiating heat hit your feet and work its way up your body," exclaimed VP of Marketing, Russ Dunn. One of the things that helped the economy grow in Alaska is the Alaskan Railroad. "Well, people do not need to be railroaded by all types of retail mark ups and gimmicks. Thermosoft can help you get on the right track by getting a floor heating system directly from the manufacturer, who is US!" The only type of housing we don't recommend our systems in are igloos…could get a little wet!

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