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Electric Floor Heating in Anchorage


Anchorage has been named by Kiplinger's as one of the most tax friendly cities in the United States, however, the cold weather can have a "taxing" effect on people as the north winds and cold snows blow. ThermoSoft regularly rides to the rescue with their floor warming systems, sparing Alaskans the uncomfortable and bone chilling feeling of cold feet (and eventually legs and torso on up!).

In 1867, U.S. Secretary of State, William H. Seward brokered a deal to purchase Alaska from Imperial Russia for about 7.2 million dollars. Well, now people are "rushin" to install our wonderful floor warming systems in their homes, and they aren't any "broker" for doing it! Recently, Mr. G a local diy'er decided to install electric floor heating in his bathroom, as he didn't want to wake up every day to the ice cold feeling of ceramic tile. "There is nothing like climbing out of bed, hearing the cold winds howl, and feeling the soothing, radiating heat hit your feet and work its way up your body," exclaimed VP of Marketing, Russ Dunn. One of the things that helped the economy grow in Alaska is the Alaskan Railroad. "Well, people do not need to be railroaded by all types of retail mark ups and gimmicks. Thermosoft can help you get on the right track by getting a floor heating system directly from the manufacturer, who is US!" The only type of housing we don't recommend our systems in are igloos…could get a little wet!

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