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Bringing Floor Heat to Chile


One of South America's most stable and prosperous nations is the Republic of Chile. It is a recognized middle power and has an emerging economy. Now – it also boasts of being able to provide Thermosoft's floor heating to its people. Warm tiles were a strange concept to this nation only a few short years ago, but now in floor heat has become popular and in some of the colder regions – a necessity. There is a strong desire by the Chileans to reduce power consumption and electric floor heat is perfect for this goal. Radiant floor heat provides for energy savings because of its efficiencies. In a forced air system, the heat typically blows around, and drifts up to the ceiling almost immediately. In – floor heating provides for warmth to begin at the floor, and then rise up. Also, radiant floor heat can be zoned to heat a particular room at a particular time, versus forced air or even baseboard heat,that is rarely zoned so acutely.

Thermosoft Chile is partnering with Chilectra- the largest electrical energy provider in Chile – and is helping the constituents across the nation understand the energy saving benefits of radiant floor heating. "The energy efficiency comes in various forms. With an in floor heating system, the warm floor heats evenly and rises slowly to the top of the room. Most of the electric radiant floor heat is efficiently transferred to the objects it comes in contact with (ie your feet, body etc.) Contrast this with a conventional forced air heating system, where heat registering at over 100 degrees farenheit blasts out of the furnace and into the heating ducts. Through the heating ducts it goes, until it comes out of every possible register in every room of the house. Once it exits into the room, the warm air promptly rushes up to the ceiling," describes Dimitry Kochman, Vice President of Research and Development at Thermosoft. With Thermosoft's partnership, Chile has never been warmer and never been so energy efficient!

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