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Electric Floor Heat a Smart Move in Bethesda



Bethesda, is on the Forbes list of "most educated small towns", and this is confirmed as well with the way the entire town is embracing electric floor heating. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that warm tiles, and subsequently warm feet, is better than ice cold tiles and feet, but, having a high IQ does make it easier to go through all the pros of radiant floor heating!" exclaimed Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for ThermoSoft International. The energy savings is something easy to computer, even for the "not so bright". ThermoSoft radiant floor heating concentrates warmth near the floor (living area) where people need it, not near the ceiling. When warmth generated by the electric floor heat is concentrated near the floor, you feel warmer. Since you feel warmer, you can turn down the central thermostat. ASHRAE reports a comfortable temperature is 70 degrees F. Forced air systems must be set at 75°F to feel this warm, whereas an electric floor warming system can be set at 66°F to feel this comfortable. This little adjustment reduces your energy costs substantially. "For each degree that you turn down your thermostat, you can save between 3 and 5% on your overall bill. So - if you can turn your thermostat down from 75°F to 66°F, you will save 9 times 3-5% or up to 45% on your bill," says Steve.

Your electric utility company may also offer additional incentives for installing an in floor heating system as well! Also - programmable thermostats help insure maximum savings, and you can install one in each room to maximize savings and localize the heat.

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