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Electric Floor Heating and BBQ


The title of today's blog is the answer to this question: What is Kansas famous for? Well they have always been famous for their barbecue, but now they are also famous for electric floor heating. Usually – in Kansas – they expect their barbecue to be served on time – hot and tasty! Well that is the same service that T__ A____ from A---- Quality Home Improvement received from our superior sales staff when he was ordering his floor heating system. Just like good barbecue , where you don't want people to lay on the sauce too thick, when it comes to radiant heat flooring you want to hear the facts and the truth. "The customer support was helpful, courteous and not pushy. They provided all of the information I needed for me to purchase my electric floor heating," exclaimed T____, owner of the business. Also- another sign of great barbecue is – will they come back for more?! Well T___ answered that question by saying, "I will definitely be back to Thermosoft again for their electric floor heating". T___ ordered Thermotile – our under tile floor warming system. In terms of electric radiant floor heating, Thermotile has all the bells and whistles. It features installation friendly 10 foot grounded lead wires, zero EMF, four insulation layers on the construction of the cable, commercial grade fiberglass mesh, and it is made in the U.S.A. So for delicious barbecue, you may need to travel to Kansas, but for electric floor heating – you need not travel at all, but just order on line or give us a buzz, and in a few days, your heated floor mats will be on your doorstep!

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