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Electric Floor Heating the Brooklyn Way


Brooklyn is the most populated of the five buroughs in New York, boasting about 2.5 million people. With such a large population – you can get lost in the crowd. Having electric radiant floor heating is one way to separate yourself from the masses. I might say this tongue in cheek, but Pietro from A__________ is one of New York's high end and energy efficient renovation specialists, and uses in floor heat as a major selling point when looking at remodeling jobs. "We advise many contractors too always quote electric floor heating as an option on all of their jobs," says Stephen Kaempf, Vice President of Sales. "Prospects love to hear about gadgets and energy savings concepts that help them stand out from the rest and in floor heating is one of those", he continued. "Every year millions of people decide to renovate their homes, and most of them have the same goal – to make homes more functional, mJr-jie Wang, Presore secure, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Electric floor heating helps them achieve a few of those goals." In terms of functionality, in floor heat cannot be any simpler, providing localized heating where you may need it. In terms of comfort, what could be more comfortable than the soothing feeling of electric floor heating on your bare feet? Also – electric radiant floor heating, if installed in larger common areas, can allow you to turn your whole house thermostat down a few clicks, which will put money back in your pocket in energy savings.

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