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Electric Radiant Floor Heating heads to South Beach


Fede Design group, located in Miami, Florida, is a group of creative specialists focused on one goal: The development of projects created specifically for each one of our customers. They love to help clients turn their dreams into realities. One of their client's dreams included the installation of electric radiant floor heating throughout their entire house. Miami beach rarely has a need for heat, however, part of the unique design of the space that Federico ("Fede") Teran was creating was the inclusion of an in floor heating system. "Heated floor systems have a way of defining a project, and helping a designer stand out from the rest of the pack," declared Vice President of Sales Stephen Kaempf. "Electric radiant floor heating is economically smart, green, and it is off the charts when it comes to comfort. There are plenty of designers that can hit the "sight" part of the five senses, but the floor heating is one of the unique design features that affect the "feel" piece of the five senses, " continued Steve. In the Miami project, the floor heating system was installed in the dining areas, the bedrooms, the bathrooms and even the laundry space. "Whether you are sitting down for a meal, getting ready for bed, or stepping out of the shower, your "feel" senses are inundated with warmth and comfort," said Steve. "It really is hard to beat! Also- for guests to come over, head to the bathroom and also get their "feel " senses wowed by the electric radiant floor heating is also impressive!"

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