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Electric Radiant Floor Heating meets "the Trowel"


When it comes to installing your floor heating system, the choice of the trowel is very important. A trowel is a flat, pointed tool used during the installation of tiles. Installers use these trowels to apply mortar or thin set to floors, countertops walls or even the back of the tiles, themselves (as they lay over your electric radiant floor heating). With different types of and sizes of trowels available, and the added step of installing radiant floor heating, it can be difficult for homeowners decide which trowel to use for a specific project. When comparing types of trowels, you can take into consideration factors such as the size of your tiles, the type and design of your tiles, and of course the type of floor heating system you are installing. For electric radiant floor heating, we believe it is important for you to have a plastic trowel on hand. Why? The biggest issue and cause of failure of a floor heating system is improper installation. This improper installation of electric radiant floor heating can range from incorrect spacing of the floor heating mats, improper preparation of the floor, and "nicking" of the wire with one of the tools you are using to install your floor heating system. By using a plastic trowel instead of a metal trowel, you are eliminating one of the largest reasons for compromise of the floor heating cables. The plastic trowel does allows you to install your floor heating system with confidence, and if you happen to brush or hit the cable hard with the trowel, you will not nick or cut the wire. Also – the heavy duty trowel is easy to clean, and won't rust. It is something every contractor who installs electric radiant floor heating should have in his bag, and every DIY'er should use!

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