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Electric Radiant Heating and George Washington


What does radiant floor heating systems and George Washington have in common? They have both spent a little time in East Meadow, New York. East Meadow is a hamlet in Long Island, that was "founded" in 1655 by two surveyors as an "east meadow" that was suitable for grazing their sheep. Now, years after the sheep have gone, Thermosoft International has been b-a-a—a-ack with their electric radiant floor heating systems.

East Meadow consisted of two large farms, one which was called Barnam Woods. It is rumored that George Washington spent a night on the Barnum estate during a trip across Long Island in 1790. Now – George Washington is long gone, but radiant floor heating is present and accounted for. "I cannot tell a lie, we are excited about our contractors who are operating on Long Island and installing radiant floor heating with many of their clients. Although the cherry tree has been chopped down a long time ago, Themosoft is chopping prices by 50% on our on line business, and we are giving contractors an even bigger discount on all of our radiant floor heating systems," said Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for Thermosoft. Thermosoft is offering all of its Long Island customers "presidential" treatment on electric radiant floor heating, and giving each resident of East Meadow a chance to make history by installing our high quality electric radiant floor heating in their homes, some of which date back into the 1700's. "New construction or retrofit – we have the right floor heating system for you!" finished Steve.

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