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Get in the Zone!


Did you know you know that electric radiant floor heating is the easiest type of heat to zone from room to room? If you are cold in your family room - in a forced air system, you walk over to the dining room (where the thermostat is) - and crank it up. Vroom - the furnace kicks in, and the vents start pouring out the hot air (yes even in the family room!).

Eventually - you are warm.

Steve (you might be thinking), what other options do I have?

Well - if each room had electric radiant floor heating - each room can also have an accompanying thermostat - which individual controls the floor heat in each room. Hence, the room that you spend much time in- you can warm up. The room you spend little time in can stay cooler until it is being used. This saves power consumption, which keeps the pennies in your pocket!

This is truly "green"!

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