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Heated Flooring and Accessorizing


There are all types of floor warming systems that Thermosoft offers, and there is a specific use for each heated floor system. Once you've decided on the type of in floor heat you will be using, you then need to decide what type of accessories you would like. Here is a brief description of the various accessory options which can be ordered with your heated flooring.

  • Thermostats – There are many choices of thermostats which can power up and control your floor warming system. If you are on the frugal and simple side, you can go with a simple manual thermostat, which is no frills – and just powers up your thermostat. If you are a little more "techy" or want to program operating times for your in floor heating system, you can go with several options of programmable thermostats from various manufacturers.

  • Installation Monitor – This is a must when installing your in floor heat. This handy little device monitors radiant flooring mats for a short circuit or open circuits during installation. This device will make sure that your heated flooring remains "working" while installers are working their magic.

  • Back up Floor sensor - This is a 10' floor sensor probe which is a "back up" in case the sensor you've installed underneath the floor stops working. The cases are rare that this happens (if ever) however, it is very inexpensive insurance for such a thing.

  • Installation Help Tools – These include a multimeter – which is used to monitor resistance of your heated floor system during installation and after installation. Another handy tool is a plastic trowel, which is key to help avoiding any nicking of the cables of your in floor heat. Other items that you can add in are glue guns, knee pads and tape.

So, yes it is fashionable to accessorize when you are purchasing your heated flooring system!

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