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Heated Flooring and Property Management


Recently, a well known property management firm placed their order for heated flooring from Thermosoft. Having a good source for in floor heat systems is a key element to be a top quality property management company. In today's real estate market, a company needs every extra edge and advantage in order to separate itself from the rest of the pack. As a client looks at a potential space, heated flooring in key areas could potentially be the deciding factor on whether a space gets rented or not. "When people come to rent a home or a commercial space – they are thinking about the wow factor, something that they can feel good about, and in floor heat is one of those," says Vice President of Sales Stephen Kaempf. "Also – they get used to the creature comforts of heated flooring and when it comes time to renew their lease, it is one of the many types of "glue" that keeps them in their place for another year or so". Also electric radiant floor heat can be a simple solution when heating in a certain part of a building might be inadequate. "We had one property management firm that had a drafty area in one of the bedrooms. Instead of the tenant turning up the thermostat and heating the whole unit – the property management firm decided to installed heated floors in the bedroom, thus providing localized heat where it was needed," commented Steve Kaempf. Property managers take heed – your customers love heated flooring!

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