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Heated Flooring in Houston


"Rarely do we have any type of winter weather in Houston, Texas," says Nick **** owner of A**** Builders in Houston Texas. "People just want to install radiant heat flooring for comfort to keep their tootsies warm!" Heated flooring is not just for the northern states – but for all people who wish to take the chill off of any cold floors, whether it be tile or laminates. In floor heating is becoming more and more popular – and more affordable! "I was called by a client last year – who was building a fifteen thousand square foot home, who said they wanted to install a heated floor system for their bathroom. It was too late for hydronic (water) floor warming system – as we were already too deep into the process of construction. We installed the Thermotile system and it works great! Our customer couldn't be happier!" There are many other reasons to choose an electric floor heating system versus a hydronic one floor warming system. Unlike hydronic systems, electric radiant floor heat does not rely on heating the slab, therefore, electric radiant systems are more responsive to ambient temperature changes. Electric radiant systems are highly energy efficient especially in tight building envelopes for the following reasons: 100% of the energy expended is used directly heating the surface of the floor evenly distributed across the room. No energy is lost pumping or circulating water, venting exhaust or moving through tubing or ductwork. Finally, unlike hydronic, electric radiant floor heating is maintenance-free. There are no boilers, pumps, tubes or valves to invest in or maintain. All the above factors make electric radiant floor heating not only viable, but the preferred heating solution for an energy efficient future.

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