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Leading Radiant Floor Heating Manufacturer Announces Government Shutdown Program


Thermosoft's new program to offer discounted floor warming systems is intended to benefit furloughed government workers and others affected by the government shutdown.

Thermosoft International Corporation, widely recognized as the USA's leading fully integrated American manufacturer of electric underfloor heating, announced a new program designed to offer relief to everyone affected by the government shutdown.

What's new about this program, besides the generous price discounts, is the undefined expiration date. Thermosoft's radiant floor heating program will be in effect for as long as the government shutdown lasts.

Thermosoft' new radiant floor heating program couldn't have come at a better time for furloughed government workers and others affected by the government shutdown. The discounts on radiant flooring are designed to alleviate some of the financial hardship that government workers may be experiencing by lack of a paycheck. Besides government workers, this program benefits the self-employed and employees of companies that have federal government contracts and who are also experiencing the domino effect of late government payments.

The program also provides government workers incentives to take advantage of their time off from serving the nation to do some valuable home improvements. The timing of the government shutdown and Thermosoft's radiant floor heating program couldn't be more fortuitous because people normally take time prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas to fix up their homes to make them more warm and inviting to loved ones coming to visit for the holidays.

An added financial bonus as winter approaches is the energy saving aspect of Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems. Radiant heating creates superior comfort compared to convection heating at lower air temperatures. This means that homeowners can lower their thermostats with radiant heating and feel at least as comfortable as with convection heating. Comfort is actually superior because radiant heating is evenly distributed across the floor, it is attracted to the body from the feet up and there are no drafts from blowing air.

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