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Radiant Floor Heating at Eastover Hotel and Retreat


Sitting at the foot of October Mountain State Forest in Massachusetts is the comfortable, yet rustic Eastover Hotel and Retreat. It boasts the largest indoor space in Berkshire County and has enormous outdoor grounds as well, which are perfect for large group gatherings, concerts and banquets. There is much to do in the area, including biking, hiking and climbing, as well as meditating in nature. Now, it also adds radiant floor heating to its list of features that separates the Eastover Hotel and Retreat from the rest. Electric floor heating is being installed in the main lobby, and in the bathrooms of some of the rooms at the Massachusetts hotel. Dan Walsh, operator of the Eastover Hotel & Resort, said, "We have our first floor heating mats installed in the lobby and we are looking to do more, so far it is all good." So as the cool season sets in, the warm floors will be a welcome addition to all the patrons after a day in the outdoors.

Electric radiant floor heating can either serve as a sole source of heating, or it can serve as a complimentary heat source, creating warm tiles and luxury. This is the goal of the Eastover Hotel. The Eastover Hotel boasts several different types of accommodations to suit your needs. There is the East Colonial, West Colonial and South Gable rooms, which are more traditional hotel rooms, featuring one and two bed arrangements. The ranch house accommodates larger groups and is perfect for family gatherings etc. Now, as you enjoy the wonderful accommodations described above, you will also be able to bask in the luxury of warm floors featured in some of these rooms. For more information about the Eastover Hotel & Retreat, please go to www.eastover.com, and tell them Thermosoft sent you!

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