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Radiant Floor Heating - Flying High in Fargo


It has been a colder than usual year in Fargo, North Dakota, which makes the idea of electric radiant floor heating all that more appealing for the folks who live in that region. A pilot, who flies out of the Fargo Jet Center recently became a client of ThermoSoft and is looking forward to never spending another winter without the awesome feeling of warm floors. The Fargo Jet Center is the one of North America's most modern and well-equipped commercial airports.

Our pilot friend flies out of the airport, and is now looking forward to reaching "new heights of comfort" as he installs our ThermoFloor radiant floor heating system under his choice laminate floors. "Our floor warming systems are easy to order online," says Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for Thermosoft. "You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or even a pilot) to figure out how much floor heating you will need…just a simple sketch of your room will do." Our pilot friend decided to navigate the website himself, and place his underfloor heat order, which shipped the same day. Others may decide to contact our world class customer service center, where our radiant floor heating technicians are standing by to answer questions, provide layouts, or give other advice that might make the difference for a homeowner or contractor. So now, during those sub zero winters in Fargo North Dakota, we have one "high flier" that will enjoy the affordable luxury of warm floors!

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