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Radiant Floor Heating in Burbank California


Dr. David Burbank bought over 4600 acres from the Verdugo holding company in 1867 and some of this land eventually was given the moniker "Burbank, California". Before the Hollywood lights started to shine on the town, and before the "Bob Hope airport", Burbank was primarily known for its manufacturing.

ThermoSoft is also known for its manufacturing or heating products, and namely electric radiant floor heating. DK Construction of Burbank was looking for some underfloor heating for a ceramic tile/stone flooring job they were working on. "Typically, being a U.S.A. manufacturer helps us to stand apart from our competitors in the floor warming marketplace," says Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales at Thermosoft International. "Today, many radiant floor heating products are being imported from China, India or some other place. It is unique to be a U.S. manufacturer of floor heating, and it could be the difference of whether people use us or not." ThermoSoft is a fully integrated manufacturer of their floor heating system, manufacturing everything from the lead wires of the systems, down to the actual cables themselves. "People love the fact that when they are talking to us about their floor warming jobs, they are talking to someone that is sitting a few feet from where the stuff is actually being made," continued Steve. ThermoSoft's technical support team is "homegrown" as well, serving their floor warming systems' customers from a manufacturer's perspective. "Whether it be in sunny California, or elsewhere, you can take our manufacturer's warranty to the bank! It is much different than having someone make a promise to you about someone else's product in some other country!"

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