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Radiant Floor Heating on the West Coast


In the state of Washington, straddling the southeast shore of Lake Washington, at the mouth of Cedar River, is a little town called Renton – where A_______ R______ , a DIY'er, brought radiant floor heating For his own home. He was looking for floor heating system to be installed in his bathroom, and after much research and due diligence, the radiant heat flooring that was decided upon was the Thermotile system manufactured by Thermosoft. The Thermotile radiant floor heating system provides a budget friendly way to bring comfort to the place where you are barefoot and barely dressed. "The labor is a minimal for a DlY'er, as we have grandmas that are installing it," says Russ Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at Thermosoft, "but, if you want radiant heat flooring, and you are a bit budget conscious, Thermotile is a great choice, as you can buy it direct from us, the manufacturer!"

Another positive aspect of this floor heating system is that it can be installed with just one step, while you are laying down your tile you can mortar the tile right over the heater! You can also use the Thermostrips and install the Thermotile floor heating system using thin set. The Thermotile floor heating system is designed for all types of floor coverings, including ceramic or porcelain tiles, stone tiles, carpet or vinyl tiles, and laminate and glued wood (when embedded in cement). With a cozy bathroom filled with radiant floor heating, someone in Washington is going to have the WOW factor in their home, which will bring much envy from neighbors!

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