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ThermoSoft Delivers Radiant Floor Heating to Whitehouse, New Jersey


The Rockaway Valley Railroad, which delivered to Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, was shut down in 1913 primarily because it was poorly financed and served no large cities. It only ran to the outskirts of one medium sized town and had no significant industry along its route.

whitehouse railway

ThermoSoft, on the other hand, is well financed, and serves both large and small cities with its radiant floor heating. Not being limited to the railway system, Thermosoft ships its underfloor heating from its 50,000 square foot facility daily to all places, remote and otherwise, in North America. Franko Construction found this out, when they needed to complete a bathroom remodel and their client desired a warm floor for their bathroom. Franko was able to order their radiant floor heating and have it shipped the same day to the location of their choosing. There was no need for Franko to travel miles to one of the "big boxes" - and there was no need for Franko to seek out a product that was made in a foreign land. U.S.A. manufacturer of underfloor heating - ThermoSoft International - was able to satisfy all of Franko's needs, including answering any questions regarding installation of the floor heating system, as well as designing a layout for Franko so that he ordered the right amount of floor heating mats. A small contractor like Franko can really make a name for themselves in a community like Whitehouse, New Jersey, where the news travels fast...and boy does the news of warm floors on a cold winter night travel quickly!

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