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ThermoSoft Floor Heating Provides Safe Haven from Armageddon Fears


The headlines tell us that Ukraine fears imminent invasion, that Russian spy ships were detected off the coast of Florida, that this could be the start of World War III. The good news is that it's not too late to experience the soothing comfort and joy of Thermosoft's electric radiant floor heating.

In times of crisis, whether real as in the case of Ukraine or imagined as in global warming, people begin to think about doing the important things in life. Whether it's telling someone they are loved, forgiving past transgressions or installing warm floors, it's never too late to do what's right for country, family and the environment.

The soothing comfort of electric radiant floor heat is definitely a "must do" experience. Stepping barefoot on a warm tile, laminate or wood floor is comparable to a walk on the beach. Warmth radiating from floor to head level is not only comforting, it is energy efficient. 100% of the energy expended with electric underfloor heating is utilized to warm the floor. No energy is wasted in the ductwork or rising to the ceiling as with convection heating systems. Moreover, individual rooms can be thermostatically controlled based on different times of use and temperature requirements.

Since floor heat radiates healthy warmth like the sun and is not blown in like a nor'easter, there are no chilly drafts blowing dust, dirt and allergens around the home. Warm floors create a calm, quiet, draft-free sanctuary where families can escape the cares of the world while re-energizing for the day.

More good news is that Thermosoft's facilities have not been appropriated for conversion to wartime armaments production. Thermosoft's 50,000 square foot, fully integrated, manufacturing facility is still dedicated to the production of high quality, low cost, electric radiant floor heating systems. There is no better time to install a healthy, comforting, warm floor than right now as the brutal winter reluctantly releases its grasp or as preparation for next year's inevitable arctic blast.

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