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ThermoSoft Offers Infrared Floor Heat Solutions to Gore-Warned Dust Bowl!


dust bowl

At a recent symposium on climate change in Kansas City, Al Gore stated the Dust Bowl is coming back unless we act. Thermosoft, Inc. offers healthy, infrared floor warming solutions for immediate action to save energy and avert another Dust Bowl.

Although reasonable people can disagree about whether or not SUV proliferation contributed to the 1930's Dust Bowl and California's current drought, there's one thing about which everyone can agree, homes in Kansas and across the globe, are more likely to be under assault from dust mites than a coming dust bowl. Nevertheless, homeowners and the Gore faithful alike can be comforted by FloorHeat System's Thermosoft brand floor warming that solves both problems.

Infrared warmth from Thermosoft floor heat is healthy. Thermosoft warm floors help to eradicate mold, mildew and dust mites especially in damp areas like kitchens, bathrooms and basements where moisture tends to be present.

Thermosoft warm floors are energy efficient because the heat generated is attracted directly to the body like the sun. Thermosoft floor heat does not warm the air which is wasted rising to the ceiling. 100% of Thermosoft floor heating energy is converted to warm floors; nothing is wasted up the flue or in the ductwork.

Unfortunately for those who believe sacrifice is required to save energy, no sacrifice is involved in saving energy with Thermosoft warm floors. Quite the opposite is true. People will be more comfortable at lower temperatures owing to the thermal transfer effect of infrared heat compared to convection heat. Added benefits of Thermosoft floor heat come from eliminating the noise and draft of blowing warm air along with dust, dirt and allergens.

Thermosoft floor heat is an affordable, energy saving, luxury, that once experienced, becomes a convenient necessity. Owners of Thermosoft warm floors spend more time at home, in luxurious, soothing comfort, watching a movie for example, rather than driving their SUV's to noisy, drafty, theaters.

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