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Thermosoft Radiant Floor Heating & Yoder's Building Supply Team Up!


Yoder's Building Supply, located in Carolina, has been in the building supply business for over 20 years, and has expanded a four man operation to over 135 employees. When Maurice Mast (Yoder's purchasing) was searching for a good electric radiant floor heating source, he had many options. The internet has a host of resources for floor warming systems, but this is not the way the Yoder's has built their company. Yoder's has built their business with doing a great job – and letting those they serve spread this by word of mouth. "We had a builder that wanted to install in floor heating in the bathrooms, so we talked to one of the most reputable tile installers we knew, asked where he would recommend us getting our electric radiant heat system from, and he referred us to Thermosoft," said Martin Mast.

Since their first purchase a few years ago of heated floor systems, Yoder's has consistently returned to Thermosoft for their radiant flooring. Yoder's Building Supply mission is to serve their customers and help them be successful in business, and Thermosoft's floor warming systems have now become a part of this mission. Yoder's is also passionate about the Jamaica Relief Ministries, which was birthed in the aftermath of Hurricane Gilbert in 1989. They may not need to warm their floors in Jamaica – but they do need generous people and organizations like the Yoder's, stepping up to help for a good cause.

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