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ThermoSoft's Radiant Floor Heating Systems Are No Longer Only for the North


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Thermosoft's announced that its radiant floor heating systems are no longer only for the North as the polar vortex of 2014 wreaked havoc on the South. Thermosoft is now offering discounted floor warming systems to help Southerners cope with continued continental cooling.

In states south of the Mason-Dixon Line, From Texas to North Carolina, southerners are coping with the kind of frightful weather that typically has Northerners fleeing southward. Snow accumulations and ice storms have Southern governors calling for states of emergency and the weather channel naming snow storms. Winter's misery was visited on hundreds of thousands without power as heavy ice brought down trees and power lines. Paralyzed roads forced students to spend the night at school. Flight cancellations stranded people in airports for hours while icy roads caused widespread accidents, abandoned cars and huge traffic jams. Governors urged residents to stay at home. Schools and many offices were closed for days. People packed supermarkets to stock up on essentials.

Although nothing can be done about the weather, Thermosoft's floor warming systems will have southerners basking in warmth like they're sipping sweet tea on the front porch on a warm afternoon. Besides providing welcome relief, warmth and comfort from frightful weather, Thermosoft's warm floors are easy to install and save energy compared to gas-forced-air furnaces, heat pumps, baseboards and most certainly, portable space heaters.

Thermosoft electric radiant floor heating can be easily installed in individual rooms, one at a time, starting with the coldest or the most used room. Various floor warming systems and installation methods can accommodate almost any floor covering. Ceramic, marble, porcelain and stone tile floors are some of the most common floor coverings over radiant heat. However, for those who prefer to save time and avoid cement, Thermosoft makes floor warming systems designed for fast and easy installation under floating laminate and engineered woods floors. Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems and installation methods can also accommodate nailed-down wood, carpet and vinyl floors.

Thermosoft's electric warm floors save energy. According to The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, radiant heating systems should reduce building heat load by 25% to 35% over convective systems that warm the air which rises and is lost to the ceiling. In addition, The United Stated Department of Energy estimates that as much as 35% of convective heat is lost in the ductwork. What's more, given that Thermosoft's electric floor warming systems can be thermostatically controlled by individual room based on use, it's easy to see the potential for significant energy savings.

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