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Under-floor Heating in Indiana


Anderson, Indiana is excited about under-floor heating – and boy is that ironic. In 1897, natural gas was discovered in Anderson, creating the Indiana Gas Boom, and thus earning the monikor of "the Pittsburgh on White River" for the budding town of Anderson. Well there is no more need for natural gas when it comes to heat (at least in our opinion), as electric floor heating systems become more and more popular in Anderson, as well as the mid-west in general. Natural gas is used to fuel furnaces which blow air around the house.

Unlike in floor heat – where the heat begins at the feat and stays at that level, slowly warming upwards, force air heat quickly rises to the top of the room, creating an inefficient heating situation. What's more, because of the underfloor heating, your blood circulation is improved because your feet are warm, which isn't the case with forced air heat. What's more- if you struggle with allergies, dust and pollutants blown around by the furnace may be just the thing that YOU DON'T NEED! With electric radiant floor heating, there is no blowing, just beautiful, soothing heat, starting with your feet and warming all of the objects around you. Furnaces starting and shutting down can also create quite a noisy situation, and with ducts situated in certain corners of the room, they can create a situation where you have heat in some areas of the room, and cool spots in the other areas. Under-floor heating, by contrast, delivers the heat evenly and quietly. So in Anderson Indiana, where natural gas was discovered, or in your town, it always make sense to go with radiant floor heating!

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