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Under Floor Heating in Whitby Canada


Peter Perry founded Whitby, Ontario in the early 1800's, quickly naming it after the seaport town of Yorkshire England. The name Whitby means "White Village", probably after all of the snow that falls in the winter time. Yes, it can get quite chilly in Whitby Canada, in the province of Ontario, which is why under-floor heating is a natural fit for this area.

pier lighthouse

R_______ K__________, a DIY'er was remodeling his kitchen, and in doing so, was compelled to research various floor warming systems. "We are re-doing the kitchen, and we decided on a laminate flooring. After we reviewed all types of electric radiant floor heating, we decided on ThermoFloor. It has all of the features we were looking for. We were excited that your radiant floor heating system didn't need to be installed in cement, and we also loved the fact that ThermoFloor had a built in Thermal break! " finished R_______. ThermoFloor is one of the few products on the market that has 3 unique features built into one product. First – ThermoFloor is a great insulator- creating a barrier between the cold floor and your floor. Second- Thermofloor is one of the only under-floor heating systems that acts as a sound suppressor, which cushions the floor and absorbs impact sound. Thirdly, it is one of the few electric radiant floor systems that can be installed easily, without any messy process of mortar or cement. Lastly and most importantly, ThermoFloor is a floor heater, which uses ThermoSoft's patented FiberThermics technology to heat any laminate or engineered wood evenly and efficiently.

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