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UnderFloor Heating in Brooksville, Florida


Brooksville, Florida is an incorporated city in Hernando County, Florida – just north of Tampa – St. Petersburg- Clearwater. The average temperature during the coldest months is only 72°F during the day, yet – underfloor heating is popular and necessary! Why? Because even in a place that is warm and toasty like Brooksville, Florida, the temperatures in the night time can get into the mid to high forties. Yes, in- floor heat is useful south of the Mason Dixon line, not just for comfort, but also for HEAT!

In fact – where winters are mild – there is more of an argument for underfloor heating to be relied upon as a sole source of heat. Also – Floridians love ceramic tile – and ceramic tile and electric radiant floor heating systems go hand in hand. "In a new construction project in ‘warm climates', you might have people forego the installation of a furnace altogether," said Vice President of Sales for ThermoSoft International, Stephen Kaempf. "They will put radiant heating throughout the house, and enjoy comfort as well as the heat necessary to endure the winter. Ceramic tile installers who understand this really put themselves ahead of the rest by creating a custom niche for themselves." This is why N______________P ___________, a local DIY'er chose to install under floor heating - even in a place like, Brooksville, Florida. So, in floor heating systems are not just installed in the northern part of the United States but also are popular in areas that you wouldn't suspect.

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