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Underfloor Heating isn't Corny – Or Is It?


Lexington Nebraska is famous for being a stop along the Pony Express route in the 1860's. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor danger stopped the mail from being delivered by those faithful riders. Now, Thermosoft is delivering something quite different to Lexington Nebraska – namely underfloor heating. Yes, in the heart of the corn belt – in-floor heat is popular and thriving. Recently, D____ Construction performed an entire floor installation of underfloor heating and the customer couldn't be happier. Bedrooms and bathrooms were all covered with Thermotile heated floor mats. Providing comfort that only radiant flooring can provide on those cold mid-western nights, where the winds howl from the north. "There are several reasons our customers choose Thermotile under floor heating over the others," declared VP of Marketing Russ Dunn. "First, our product is manufactured in the U.S.A., which is important to folks. Next, our underfloor heating product has zero EMF – which is also critical to some who consider EMF a health hazard. Thermotile heated floor mats include a commercial grade fiberglass mesh, which lays flat for easy installation, and acts as an anti- fracture membrane. Also, you can install Thermotile heated floor mats under any type of flooring, ceramic, wood, laminates and even carpet! Lastly," continued Russ," Thermosoft offers a lifetime warranty for the floor heating system, it doesn't get better than that!" So, harvest time – or any time – Thermosoft has a bumper crop of reasons why their underfloor heating should be chosen over the rest.

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