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With Thermosoft's Radiant Floor Heating Health Care Plan, You Can Keep Your HVAC


Radiant heat is infrared energy that heats objects (and people) directly without heating the air. It's the infrared energy produced by the sun that allows people to feel warm on a cool day. The human body produces infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair and may require a boost at times to provide the fullest healing possible. This is why doctors recommend and people use heating pads to sooth muscles, alleviate pain and accelerate tissue repair. It doesn't require much imagination to understand the health care benefits provided from being surrounded and soothed by the infrared energy of Thermosoft's floor heating systems radiating from the feet up.

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What's more, Thermosoft's radiant floors are well suited for people with allergies. With radiant floors, there are no noisy fans to cause drafts and to blow warm air, dust, dirt and allergens around the home or office. Radiant floors typically are not wall-to-wall carpeted, so this harbor for dust mites, dirt and allergens can be eliminated.

Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems may not be covered by health care plans except in cases where a home is being retrofitted with floor warming in conjunction with a specifically prescribed program of therapy, for example when shower and bath floors and seats need to be warm because of a patient's intolerance to cold. Similarly, walk-in bathtubs have been covered by some health care plans and manufacturers are now adding Thermosoft's bathtub seat and back heaters as an additional benefit.

To facilitate more American's access to the health care benefits of floor warming, Thermosoft is offering generous price discounts on all radiant floor heating systems. No longer is floor warming the exclusive domain of expensive custom homes, Hollywood movie stars, professional athletes and congressmen. Now, every homeowner can have warm floors from Thermosoft installed in their home or office as part of their own, personal, private healthcare plan.

Homeowners and professional installers can conveniently shop Thermosoft's secure and verified website that reliably operates 24/7/365. Many buyers choose to call Thermosoft's toll-free "heatline" so they can speak with knowledgeable and trusted professionals to help them navigate the various floor heat health care plan options. Thermosoft's honest, informative, respectful company sales representatives are standing by to answer floor warming and installation questions by phone or by chat. Thermosoft offers a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your floor heat health care plan, you can keep your HVAC.

Side effects from the extreme comfort, potential energy savings and opportunity to integrate with off-grid, alternative energy sources provided by installing Thermosoft's floor heating systems include drowsiness, muscle relaxation, acute sense of silence, tranquility, peacefulness and elevated levels of euphoria. When considering any health care plan, it is wise to consult with a doctor to be sure that radiant floor heating is right for you.

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