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Making Your Home More Efficient


If you're looking to save money without having to think too much about it, then one of the best options is to focus on your home. There are upgrades to your home which will only cost your once and then depending on what was done will be saving you money in just a few short years. Additional bonuses that come with upgrading your home are the increased value of your house when you decide to sell it in the future, and it will be a more comfortable place to live. To list just a few upgrades, there are energy efficient windows, doors and the one we will be talking about today: heated floors.

For anyone living in a house with tiles or who has been in one, we all know how attractive the tiling is, but also how cold those tiles can be during the cold times of the year. Installing heated tile floors has numerous benefits both in comfort and for your monthly energy bill, let's cover these advantages.

  • With ThermoSoft’'s tile heating system there is no electromagnetic field so they are Zero EMF. This unique system has a current return wire and an inner foil wrap which removes the risk of an EMF. This ensures you won't have interference with televisions, pacemakers, telephones and other electronics.
  • You will save money in two ways, one by ordering ThermoTile straight from the factory thereby eliminating the middle man who raises prices. The second way you save money, is on your monthly energy bill during cold months. Heat rises naturally so heating your house from the bottom up is the most efficient way to keep it warm. Tile Floor Heating
  • Your home's tile floors will never be uncomfortable in the winter ever again because they will always be warm, which will make for some very comfortable feet. The heating throughout the house and in each room will also be far more evenly distributed.
  • The floor heating mats have special FiberThermics heating wires which eliminate overheating.
  • These heated floor mats are UL listed in the USA and Canada, so you won't need to worry about others who claim they are UL listed.
  • The radiant floor mats have four insulation layers which protect them against mechanical and moisture damage.
  • They have a lifetime warranty, so if anything stops working for some reason, you can rest easy with the knowledge you won't have to shell out more money to buy new heating mats.
  • Lastly, by removing the need for hot air heating in your home, you can help remove the amount of dust and allergens being introduced into the air. Perfect for anyone who struggles with breathing, has asthma or has allergies.

Living Healthy While Saving Money


A major challenge in everyday life is finding savings while at the same time finding ways to live a healthier life style. One of the biggest pushes happening for saving people money has been the installation of solar panels on their roofs because their cost has dropped. Along with making electricity for the house they keep the house from heating up as much during the summer which reduces the costs of cooling. Information is finally reaching more people and informing them of how much energy, and therefore money, is wasted on cooling and heating their homes each year. This has encouraged people to begin seeking new methods of powering, heating and cooling their home.

One of the best methods for reducing the cost of heating your home is via radiant heated floors. Heated floors not only save homeowners money on their heating costs but it also provides a healthier environment within the house.

Heated floors evenly distribute heat throughout your entire house and can be carefully controlled with a thermostat in each room. A conventional heating system isn't able to distribute heat through air being blown in or through a radiator system as evenly due to their placement being inherently unevenly distributed. This means these systems have to expend more energy to do the same amount of heating.

Laminate Floor Heating

A radiant heated floor also has the advantage of having heat coming from the bottom up. Since hot air naturally rises, this will heat a room comfortably from bottom to top. Other heating systems heat the room up from about two feet or so up, but this means the floors are still ice cold. One of the biggest complaints from people in the winter is how cold their floor is, especially if it's not carpeted, like bathroom floors which often aren't.

Another benefit of heated floors is they don't require air vents throughout the building and the simple fact that they don't blow air. Many people don't realize the amount of dust and other small particulate matter which are blown into rooms from dry air heat. This can make breathing difficult for occupants especially those with allergies. Cleaning the filters and keeping ducts clean for hot air heat is time consuming and can be costly. Even if you're someone without allergies you will quickly notice a difference in your sleeping and breathing while at home and using a heated floor system.

Another advantage of a heated floor is you can install it yourself and you can do it one room at a time. If your bathroom is uncomfortable in the winter due to those cold tile floors you can easily install heated flooring in just that room. Then enjoy the benefits of having a comfortable bathroom floor.

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