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Radiant Floor Heating - Great for Summer?!


Summertime is a "hot time" for radiant floor heating. You may think I'm joking, that I have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. Not so. In floor heat is not just for the winter time, and I will prove it, with my "Top Reasons for radiant floor heating in the Summer": Let us hear the drum roll please!

Reason number 1: When you or your children get home from the pool, they are a slippery dripping mess. Whether they go into the mud room or the bathroom – they will leave huge puddles of water. Water for people to slip on and water that will get your socks wet. What better place to have electric radiant floor heating – which slowly will dry up even the biggest puddle over time.

Reason Number 2: Air Conditioning can create a very cold tile – and make it very uncomfortable for your feet. Radiant floor heating can take the edge off of the cold floors –even in the summer time – and add that luxurious comfort in your private bath space. In basements – radiant floor heating can take the edge off of the cold floor, no matter the season!

Reason Number 3: 3 Season rooms and porches are typically heated by the common furnace, or perhaps a wood furnace. In the evening, it is usually cold in the three season room – but not cold enough to turn on the household furnace. What a great time to use your radiant floor heating for localized heat – right where you need it. Radiant floor heating in a 3 season room is a no brainer!

So there you have it – and I'm sure you can think of your own reasons why radiant floor heating is popular – even in the summer-time. Enjoy!

Electric Radiant Heat in Beaverton, Oregon


Oregon's sixth largest city is Beaverton, which sits just 6 miles outside of Portland in the Tualatin River Valley. It is listed by Money Magazine, in 2010, as one of the 100 "best places to live" among smaller cities in the U.S. One of the reasons (we're sure at Thermosoft anyway) why is because J____ T_____ at B_________ Construction has installed Thermosoft's electric radiant heat in over a dozen different properties throughout the town. "I've installed Thermosoft radiant heat flooring in over a dozen homes and I haven't had a problem yet," declared J_____, owner of his construction company. "In fact, the last 300 square feet of electric radiant heat – I installed in my own home, Whaddya think about that?" Well of course, anytime a construction professional decides to install our in floor heat in his own home, we consider it a great compliment. "The last installation of electric radiant heat went smoothly, just like the others!" declared J_____." In terms of weather, Beaverton, Oregon would be considered a mild winter climate, with averages of 34° in the wintertime, but it is a perfect environment for in floor heat – which warms floors on the coldest days and provides comfort in the summer months. Although Thermosoft's electric radiant floor heat does not require a professional to install (25% of our heated floor mats are installed by do-it-yourselfers), Thermosoft has a host of professionals that you can trust if you need to have the electric radiant floor heat installed by a professional.

Electric Floor Heating and BBQ


The title of today's blog is the answer to this question: What is Kansas famous for? Well they have always been famous for their barbecue, but now they are also famous for electric floor heating. Usually – in Kansas – they expect their barbecue to be served on time – hot and tasty! Well that is the same service that T__ A____ from A---- Quality Home Improvement received from our superior sales staff when he was ordering his floor heating system. Just like good barbecue , where you don't want people to lay on the sauce too thick, when it comes to radiant heat flooring you want to hear the facts and the truth. "The customer support was helpful, courteous and not pushy. They provided all of the information I needed for me to purchase my electric floor heating," exclaimed T____, owner of the business. Also- another sign of great barbecue is – will they come back for more?! Well T___ answered that question by saying, "I will definitely be back to Thermosoft again for their electric floor heating". T___ ordered Thermotile – our under tile floor warming system. In terms of electric radiant floor heating, Thermotile has all the bells and whistles. It features installation friendly 10 foot grounded lead wires, zero EMF, four insulation layers on the construction of the cable, commercial grade fiberglass mesh, and it is made in the U.S.A. So for delicious barbecue, you may need to travel to Kansas, but for electric floor heating – you need not travel at all, but just order on line or give us a buzz, and in a few days, your heated floor mats will be on your doorstep!

Heated Flooring in Ohio


Bay Village, Ohio was ranked by Family Circle Magazine as one of the "Ten Best Towns for Families in 2012". It is also now ranked as one of Thermosoft's favorite towns where we love to install our heated flooring. Working with A_______, VP of Operations at A_______ Restoration company in Ohio has been a pleasure", said David Kaempf, Sales Specialist for Thermosoft International. "A_____________ had a situation where he wanted to install in floor heat under a wood floor, and didn't want the hassle that comes along with installing traditional heated flooring, like mortars and cements". Thermosoft's answer for this situation is their patented three in one heated flooring solution, Thermosfloor. "There simply is no electric radiant floor heating solution that is easier to install," commented Dave. Thermofloor provides thermal insulation, sound protection and of course, radiant heating. The floor warming system can be installed on any structurally solid sub-floor, and minimizes raising the floor, as it is "ultra thin". Thermofloor heated flooring is made with Thermosoft's patented FiberThermics® technology, which gives the product a competitive edge from all the rest. Thermofloor heated floor mats can be installed under any type of laminates, carpet tiles, and of course wood floors as well. Heated flooring can be used for comfort and it also can be used as a sole source of heating, so today – as wood floors are installed in the whole house – you can install in floor heat and experience a dramatic reduction in your heating bill. Bay Village, Ohio will never be the same, now that it has had a taste of our wonderful floor heating.

Heated Flooring in Houston


"Rarely do we have any type of winter weather in Houston, Texas," says Nick **** owner of A**** Builders in Houston Texas. "People just want to install radiant heat flooring for comfort to keep their tootsies warm!" Heated flooring is not just for the northern states – but for all people who wish to take the chill off of any cold floors, whether it be tile or laminates. In floor heating is becoming more and more popular – and more affordable! "I was called by a client last year – who was building a fifteen thousand square foot home, who said they wanted to install a heated floor system for their bathroom. It was too late for hydronic (water) floor warming system – as we were already too deep into the process of construction. We installed the Thermotile system and it works great! Our customer couldn't be happier!" There are many other reasons to choose an electric floor heating system versus a hydronic one floor warming system. Unlike hydronic systems, electric radiant floor heat does not rely on heating the slab, therefore, electric radiant systems are more responsive to ambient temperature changes. Electric radiant systems are highly energy efficient especially in tight building envelopes for the following reasons: 100% of the energy expended is used directly heating the surface of the floor evenly distributed across the room. No energy is lost pumping or circulating water, venting exhaust or moving through tubing or ductwork. Finally, unlike hydronic, electric radiant floor heating is maintenance-free. There are no boilers, pumps, tubes or valves to invest in or maintain. All the above factors make electric radiant floor heating not only viable, but the preferred heating solution for an energy efficient future.

Electric Floor Heating and Alltrades


Alltrade Services Inc, was founded in 2010, and is a construction contractor specializing in everything from simple handyman tasks to new home construction. With all of their work, they try to include electric floor heating when the opportunity arises. They have had experience with many floor heating systems, but for many reasons, Thermosoft International has become their main source for electric floor heating. Floor warming systems are in high demand , as Alltrades is located in the mid-western United States, where the winters can get awfully cold. There is nothing that makes a new construction or remodel job impress more than radiant floor heating in the bathroom, kitchen, basement or other living space. " I like Thermosoft's floor heating mat (Thermotile)! It is easy to install. On many other systems, you have to mortar down the mat and then add another layer for the tile- adding ¼" to the floor height," exclaimed the owner Ken. "With Thermotile I just layout the mat, spread the thin-set mortar and lay the tiles!" Along with electric floor heating installation and other construction projects – Alltrades also provides REO services such as lock change outs and winterizations. Ken also mentioned as a part of his experience – that the tech support was friendly- and available to answer the minor questions that came up during his installation of the electric floor heating. Thermosoft looks forward to partnering with companies such as Alltrades as they make their offering of electric underfloor heating to their clients and prospects.

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