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Thermosoft Radiant Floor Heating Leader Shares Success with Flooring Installers


Thermosoft's New Program Provides Leads to Its Contractors and Peace of Mind to Its Customers.

Thermosoft International Corporation, widely recognized as the USA's leading fully integrated American manufacturer of electric radiant floor heating, announced a new program to link its growing customer base to flooring installers and other building contractors.

Thermosoft's floor warming business has continued to grow despite or perhaps because of the broader weak economy. For example, many homeowners have elected to invest in energy savings and home comfort enhancements rather than take more extravagant vacations. Thermosoft floor warming is more energy efficient than conventional forced air heating so it is frequently included in remodeling jobs when new floors are installed such as in kitchens and baths, when basements are finished or when new rooms are added.

Although there is a fairly large percentage of do-it-yourselfers who are comfortable installing Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems, there is an equal if not higher number of Thermosoft's customers who hire professional flooring installers and other contractors especially when the remodeling job involves more than just the floor.

"So many of our customers were asking for installer recommendations" stated Steve Kaempf, Thermosoft's Vice President of Sales, "this was the impetus for our new program".

Thermosoft's floor warming customers are invited to request a contractor in their area and include details of their remodeling project. Similarly, flooring installers and other contractors, including electricians and general contractors, are invited to register with Thermosoft so they can access these leads. All leads are qualified by Thermosoft's experienced, professional, inside sales personnel.

Although no purchase is necessary, many of the contractors who register are also Thermosoft customers who have experience installing Thermosoft's floor warming systems. An added benefit for contractors is participation in Thermosoft's Certified Installer Program that qualifies contractors for additional discounts on Thermosoft's radiant floor heating materials.

"It's a good deal for everyone involved," stated Steve Kaempf. "Our customers know they are getting experienced installers and our contractors know they are getting qualified leads and we know that our customers will be delighted with their floor warming system installations."

Leading Floor Warming Manufacturer Thermosoft Advocates Floor Heat for Allergy Sufferers


Thermosoft International Corporation, a leading USA manufacturer of electric radiant floor heating is advocating the benefits of floor warming for allergy sufferers.

People affected by allergies feel like the spring of 2013 was worse than ever before. Early blooming trees and flowers created an abundance of air-born pollen. Record setting rainfall kept mold counts high and cold, windy conditions helped to distribute pollen and mold spores everywhere.

The main advice of doctors, besides medication, is to stay inside and avoid allergens. But staying inside does not provide much relief when pollen manages to track its way in on shoes and clothing and through open doors. What's more, allergens typically found inside the home such as mold, pet dander and dust mites, can trigger hay fever-like symptoms just as troublesome as outside. Making matters worse, central forced-air heating systems circulate and blow allergens around the home just like the wind spreads and scatters allergens outside. Colder than normal temperatures this spring kept furnaces running longer and consequently, allergens were blowing throughout homes well into early June.

The solution is electric radiant floor heat for three main reasons. First, radiant floor heat is so soothing and comfortable that wall-to-wall carpeting can be eliminated. Carpet is the culprit that harbors the dust, dirt and allergens that people are trying to avoid. Getting rid of carpet is another step toward improving indoor air health.

Second, radiant floor heat "radiates" its soothing warmth just like the sun does. Unlike forced-air systems with fans or blowers, radiant floor heat is not blown through an (often dirty) air filter via (often dirty) ductwork into every room. There is simply no way for radiant floor heat to spread allergens. It is completely silent and free of drafts. What's more, its underfloor warmth helps dry out mold and mildew in bathrooms and other rooms where humidity is a problem.

Finally, electric radiant floor heat is easy to install. Some systems are as easy as rolling out the floor heating mats, covering the floor heat mats with a flooring material, such as laminate, wood or tile, and connecting the floor heating mats to a floor heating thermostat and the home's electric power.

With electric radiant floor heat, you don't have to convert the whole house at once. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, electric radiant floor heat can be installed room by room. Use electric radiant floor heat only in the rooms where people spend most of their time or convert the whole house one room at a time. Typically, the first rooms where people install electric radiant floor heat are in their kitchens and bathrooms to make their tile floors warm and comfortable. But allergy sufferers might consider converting bedrooms first to electric radiant floor heating. Doctors advise focusing on bedrooms because that's where people spend one-third of their lives. Alternatively, any room where people spend a lot of time such as family rooms should be considered.

Thermosoft is the leading, fully integrated, USA manufacturer of UL compliant electric floor heating systems that are easy-to-install, affordable and green, saving energy up to 40%. Thermosoft provides electric radiant floor systems for installation under almost any type of floor covering. Same day shipping, lifetime warranty, toll-free installation and lifetime technical support are also provided.

UnderFloor Heating in Brooksville, Florida


Brooksville, Florida is an incorporated city in Hernando County, Florida – just north of Tampa – St. Petersburg- Clearwater. The average temperature during the coldest months is only 72°F during the day, yet – underfloor heating is popular and necessary! Why? Because even in a place that is warm and toasty like Brooksville, Florida, the temperatures in the night time can get into the mid to high forties. Yes, in- floor heat is useful south of the Mason Dixon line, not just for comfort, but also for HEAT!

In fact – where winters are mild – there is more of an argument for underfloor heating to be relied upon as a sole source of heat. Also – Floridians love ceramic tile – and ceramic tile and electric radiant floor heating systems go hand in hand. "In a new construction project in ‘warm climates', you might have people forego the installation of a furnace altogether," said Vice President of Sales for ThermoSoft International, Stephen Kaempf. "They will put radiant heating throughout the house, and enjoy comfort as well as the heat necessary to endure the winter. Ceramic tile installers who understand this really put themselves ahead of the rest by creating a custom niche for themselves." This is why N______________P ___________, a local DIY'er chose to install under floor heating - even in a place like, Brooksville, Florida. So, in floor heating systems are not just installed in the northern part of the United States but also are popular in areas that you wouldn't suspect.

Radiant Floor Heating on the West Coast


In the state of Washington, straddling the southeast shore of Lake Washington, at the mouth of Cedar River, is a little town called Renton – where A_______ R______ , a DIY'er, brought radiant floor heating For his own home. He was looking for floor heating system to be installed in his bathroom, and after much research and due diligence, the radiant heat flooring that was decided upon was the Thermotile system manufactured by Thermosoft. The Thermotile radiant floor heating system provides a budget friendly way to bring comfort to the place where you are barefoot and barely dressed. "The labor is a minimal for a DlY'er, as we have grandmas that are installing it," says Russ Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at Thermosoft, "but, if you want radiant heat flooring, and you are a bit budget conscious, Thermotile is a great choice, as you can buy it direct from us, the manufacturer!"

Another positive aspect of this floor heating system is that it can be installed with just one step, while you are laying down your tile you can mortar the tile right over the heater! You can also use the Thermostrips and install the Thermotile floor heating system using thin set. The Thermotile floor heating system is designed for all types of floor coverings, including ceramic or porcelain tiles, stone tiles, carpet or vinyl tiles, and laminate and glued wood (when embedded in cement). With a cozy bathroom filled with radiant floor heating, someone in Washington is going to have the WOW factor in their home, which will bring much envy from neighbors!

Electric Radiant Floor Heating meets "the Trowel"


When it comes to installing your floor heating system, the choice of the trowel is very important. A trowel is a flat, pointed tool used during the installation of tiles. Installers use these trowels to apply mortar or thin set to floors, countertops walls or even the back of the tiles, themselves (as they lay over your electric radiant floor heating). With different types of and sizes of trowels available, and the added step of installing radiant floor heating, it can be difficult for homeowners decide which trowel to use for a specific project. When comparing types of trowels, you can take into consideration factors such as the size of your tiles, the type and design of your tiles, and of course the type of floor heating system you are installing. For electric radiant floor heating, we believe it is important for you to have a plastic trowel on hand. Why? The biggest issue and cause of failure of a floor heating system is improper installation. This improper installation of electric radiant floor heating can range from incorrect spacing of the floor heating mats, improper preparation of the floor, and "nicking" of the wire with one of the tools you are using to install your floor heating system. By using a plastic trowel instead of a metal trowel, you are eliminating one of the largest reasons for compromise of the floor heating cables. The plastic trowel does allows you to install your floor heating system with confidence, and if you happen to brush or hit the cable hard with the trowel, you will not nick or cut the wire. Also – the heavy duty trowel is easy to clean, and won't rust. It is something every contractor who installs electric radiant floor heating should have in his bag, and every DIY'er should use!

Electric Radiant Heating and George Washington


What does radiant floor heating systems and George Washington have in common? They have both spent a little time in East Meadow, New York. East Meadow is a hamlet in Long Island, that was "founded" in 1655 by two surveyors as an "east meadow" that was suitable for grazing their sheep. Now, years after the sheep have gone, Thermosoft International has been b-a-a—a-ack with their electric radiant floor heating systems.

East Meadow consisted of two large farms, one which was called Barnam Woods. It is rumored that George Washington spent a night on the Barnum estate during a trip across Long Island in 1790. Now – George Washington is long gone, but radiant floor heating is present and accounted for. "I cannot tell a lie, we are excited about our contractors who are operating on Long Island and installing radiant floor heating with many of their clients. Although the cherry tree has been chopped down a long time ago, Themosoft is chopping prices by 50% on our on line business, and we are giving contractors an even bigger discount on all of our radiant floor heating systems," said Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for Thermosoft. Thermosoft is offering all of its Long Island customers "presidential" treatment on electric radiant floor heating, and giving each resident of East Meadow a chance to make history by installing our high quality electric radiant floor heating in their homes, some of which date back into the 1700's. "New construction or retrofit – we have the right floor heating system for you!" finished Steve.

Radiant Floor Heating and the Power Module


As great as radiant floor heating was, in the past one of the drawbacks was how much square foot coverage you can have with your heated floor mats which could be powered under one thermostat. It used to be, that with a 120V radiant floor heating system, you could cover about one hundred and fifty square feet, and with a 220V radiant floor heating system, you could cover about three hundred square feet. If you wanted to cover additional square footage with in floor heating, you would have to add another thermostat - or perhaps add a relay to the system. Neither of these things was a huge drawback – however, you could not control large areas of radiant floor heating, or even whole houses, with the use of just one thermostat…..UNTIL NOW! ThermoSoft has introduced a nifty little device called a "power module", which is manufactured by OJ Electronics in Denmark. It is only compatible with OJ manufactured thermostats, which ThermoSoft sells as well. What this nifty little device does, is helps you expand your floor heating system coverage area INFINITELY (so long as you have the correct amount of power coming to your house)! For a 120V floor heating system, you simply add one power module for each additional one hundred and fifty square feet you'd like to cover. For a 240V floor heating system, you simply add one power module for each additional three hundred square feet you'd like to cover. So now, whether you want to control one floor of radiant floor heating or a whole house – it is possible with ThermoSoft's new OJ Power Module!

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