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Electric Floor Heating and Ingrams Water and Air Equipment


Ingram's Water & Air Equipment

For years, Ingrams Water and Air offered quality products, such as Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Water Systems, Air Purification Systems and much more. Most recently, they have added electric radiant floor heating to their selection of products, and their manufacturer of choice is Thermosoft International! "We are very selective of who we team up with, when it comes to those who represent our floor heating in the marketplace," said Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales with Thermosoft International. "We like Ingrams Water and Air because for many reasons. They have friendly service. They represent quality products and provide excellent customer service. They also really know what they are talking about when it comes to heating and cooling systems, and floor warming systems are a perfect complement to what they are currently offering!"

Steve also cited some other unique cross pollinating with geothermal heat pumps. "We believe our radiant floor heating is very complementary to geothermal systems, and Ingrams have great expertise in this area. Geothermal heating takes heat from the ground and transfers it to heating (and cooling) for your house. The problem is, that it can only heat up to a certain point, and our radiant floor heating is able to add enough heat to provide adequate heating for your home." Ingrams Water and Air is a family owned business located in Kentucky and has been in business for over a decade, and will now be going into the future with Thermosoft radiant floor heating!

With Thermosoft's Radiant Floor Heating Health Care Plan, You Can Keep Your HVAC


Radiant heat is infrared energy that heats objects (and people) directly without heating the air. It's the infrared energy produced by the sun that allows people to feel warm on a cool day. The human body produces infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair and may require a boost at times to provide the fullest healing possible. This is why doctors recommend and people use heating pads to sooth muscles, alleviate pain and accelerate tissue repair. It doesn't require much imagination to understand the health care benefits provided from being surrounded and soothed by the infrared energy of Thermosoft's floor heating systems radiating from the feet up.

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What's more, Thermosoft's radiant floors are well suited for people with allergies. With radiant floors, there are no noisy fans to cause drafts and to blow warm air, dust, dirt and allergens around the home or office. Radiant floors typically are not wall-to-wall carpeted, so this harbor for dust mites, dirt and allergens can be eliminated.

Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems may not be covered by health care plans except in cases where a home is being retrofitted with floor warming in conjunction with a specifically prescribed program of therapy, for example when shower and bath floors and seats need to be warm because of a patient's intolerance to cold. Similarly, walk-in bathtubs have been covered by some health care plans and manufacturers are now adding Thermosoft's bathtub seat and back heaters as an additional benefit.

To facilitate more American's access to the health care benefits of floor warming, Thermosoft is offering generous price discounts on all radiant floor heating systems. No longer is floor warming the exclusive domain of expensive custom homes, Hollywood movie stars, professional athletes and congressmen. Now, every homeowner can have warm floors from Thermosoft installed in their home or office as part of their own, personal, private healthcare plan.

Homeowners and professional installers can conveniently shop Thermosoft's secure and verified website that reliably operates 24/7/365. Many buyers choose to call Thermosoft's toll-free "heatline" so they can speak with knowledgeable and trusted professionals to help them navigate the various floor heat health care plan options. Thermosoft's honest, informative, respectful company sales representatives are standing by to answer floor warming and installation questions by phone or by chat. Thermosoft offers a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your floor heat health care plan, you can keep your HVAC.

Side effects from the extreme comfort, potential energy savings and opportunity to integrate with off-grid, alternative energy sources provided by installing Thermosoft's floor heating systems include drowsiness, muscle relaxation, acute sense of silence, tranquility, peacefulness and elevated levels of euphoria. When considering any health care plan, it is wise to consult with a doctor to be sure that radiant floor heating is right for you.

Under Floor Heating in Whitby Canada


Peter Perry founded Whitby, Ontario in the early 1800's, quickly naming it after the seaport town of Yorkshire England. The name Whitby means "White Village", probably after all of the snow that falls in the winter time. Yes, it can get quite chilly in Whitby Canada, in the province of Ontario, which is why under-floor heating is a natural fit for this area.

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R_______ K__________, a DIY'er was remodeling his kitchen, and in doing so, was compelled to research various floor warming systems. "We are re-doing the kitchen, and we decided on a laminate flooring. After we reviewed all types of electric radiant floor heating, we decided on ThermoFloor. It has all of the features we were looking for. We were excited that your radiant floor heating system didn't need to be installed in cement, and we also loved the fact that ThermoFloor had a built in Thermal break! " finished R_______. ThermoFloor is one of the few products on the market that has 3 unique features built into one product. First – ThermoFloor is a great insulator- creating a barrier between the cold floor and your floor. Second- Thermofloor is one of the only under-floor heating systems that acts as a sound suppressor, which cushions the floor and absorbs impact sound. Thirdly, it is one of the few electric radiant floor systems that can be installed easily, without any messy process of mortar or cement. Lastly and most importantly, ThermoFloor is a floor heater, which uses ThermoSoft's patented FiberThermics technology to heat any laminate or engineered wood evenly and efficiently.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating – Capitol Idea!


Metro General Contracting, located in Kensington, Maryland had a client who expressed the desire to add electric floor heating to one of their rooms they planned on outfitting with ceramic tile. Eventually after weighing out all the options, they agreed to install Infrafloor's unique Infrafloor Mat product. It is a product uniquely designed specifically for installation under tile and stone floors, and it worked perfectly for this application. Metro General Contracting is a family owned and operated business in the DC-Metro area – that has been in business for over 20 years.

Metro General Contracting is able to offer their customers expertise in the areas of masonry, carpentry, finishing, painting and many other remodeling aspects. Offering quality installation of under-floor heating is just one of the ways that they separate themselves from the competition. "I have many contractors and installers that quote electric radiant floor heating in every job," cited VP of Sales for InfraFloor, Steve Kaempf. "It is a simple, yet powerful way that they can create a distinction in their work. I can't tell you how many times a contractor will receive a referral because a client had a dinner party, and someone noticed their warm floors. When a contractor takes the time to discuss a floor warming system as part of the remodeling package, it shows the customer that the contractor truly cares about the job and is willing to go the extra mile!" Metro General Contracting is one of those types of contractors that goes the extra mile with radiant floor heating!

Underfloor Heating – A Presidential IDEA!


In southwest Michigan, there is a small town that is recognized as Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation, namely, Buchanan, Michigan. Buchanan is also named after the 15th President of the United States- James Buchanon. Now, President Buchanan did not enjoy radiant floor heating, (at least as far as we know), but residents today in Buchanan Michigan certainly are. In-floor heat is a must in Buchanan, with those cool breezes in the summer and freezing winds in the winter which come off of Lake Michigan. Radiant Floor Heating provides warmth and heat on the chilly days, and soothing, luxurious comfort on the warmer days. Speaking of all those trees in Tree City USA – did you know that radiant floor heating does great under wood floors?!

"Our ThermoFloor floor warming mat is easy to install under wood floors or laminates," says Russ Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at ThermoSoft. "Simply lay out the pre-cut radiant floor heating system and install your wood or laminate floor. There is no need for messy thin set or any other type of cement. It is a very clean process!" Nail down wood floors are a little trickier, in terms of installing radiant heat flooring, as you need to space your mats and your boards correctly, or you can simply use the ThermoTile underfloor heating system with thinset cement and install "sleepers" which you can nail your floor into. After the sleepers are installed, you then put your thin set cement down level with the sleepers and you are ready to nail down your flooring. "Be careful where you put the nails," warned Russ, "and you should be fine!"

Under-floor Heating in Indiana


Anderson, Indiana is excited about under-floor heating – and boy is that ironic. In 1897, natural gas was discovered in Anderson, creating the Indiana Gas Boom, and thus earning the monikor of "the Pittsburgh on White River" for the budding town of Anderson. Well there is no more need for natural gas when it comes to heat (at least in our opinion), as electric floor heating systems become more and more popular in Anderson, as well as the mid-west in general. Natural gas is used to fuel furnaces which blow air around the house.

Unlike in floor heat – where the heat begins at the feat and stays at that level, slowly warming upwards, force air heat quickly rises to the top of the room, creating an inefficient heating situation. What's more, because of the underfloor heating, your blood circulation is improved because your feet are warm, which isn't the case with forced air heat. What's more- if you struggle with allergies, dust and pollutants blown around by the furnace may be just the thing that YOU DON'T NEED! With electric radiant floor heating, there is no blowing, just beautiful, soothing heat, starting with your feet and warming all of the objects around you. Furnaces starting and shutting down can also create quite a noisy situation, and with ducts situated in certain corners of the room, they can create a situation where you have heat in some areas of the room, and cool spots in the other areas. Under-floor heating, by contrast, delivers the heat evenly and quietly. So in Anderson Indiana, where natural gas was discovered, or in your town, it always make sense to go with radiant floor heating!

Leading Radiant Floor Heating Manufacturer Announces Government Shutdown Program


Thermosoft's new program to offer discounted floor warming systems is intended to benefit furloughed government workers and others affected by the government shutdown.

Thermosoft International Corporation, widely recognized as the USA's leading fully integrated American manufacturer of electric underfloor heating, announced a new program designed to offer relief to everyone affected by the government shutdown.

What's new about this program, besides the generous price discounts, is the undefined expiration date. Thermosoft's radiant floor heating program will be in effect for as long as the government shutdown lasts.

Thermosoft' new radiant floor heating program couldn't have come at a better time for furloughed government workers and others affected by the government shutdown. The discounts on radiant flooring are designed to alleviate some of the financial hardship that government workers may be experiencing by lack of a paycheck. Besides government workers, this program benefits the self-employed and employees of companies that have federal government contracts and who are also experiencing the domino effect of late government payments.

The program also provides government workers incentives to take advantage of their time off from serving the nation to do some valuable home improvements. The timing of the government shutdown and Thermosoft's radiant floor heating program couldn't be more fortuitous because people normally take time prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas to fix up their homes to make them more warm and inviting to loved ones coming to visit for the holidays.

An added financial bonus as winter approaches is the energy saving aspect of Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems. Radiant heating creates superior comfort compared to convection heating at lower air temperatures. This means that homeowners can lower their thermostats with radiant heating and feel at least as comfortable as with convection heating. Comfort is actually superior because radiant heating is evenly distributed across the floor, it is attracted to the body from the feet up and there are no drafts from blowing air.

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