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Electric Radiant Floor Heating heads to South Beach


Fede Design group, located in Miami, Florida, is a group of creative specialists focused on one goal: The development of projects created specifically for each one of our customers. They love to help clients turn their dreams into realities. One of their client's dreams included the installation of electric radiant floor heating throughout their entire house. Miami beach rarely has a need for heat, however, part of the unique design of the space that Federico ("Fede") Teran was creating was the inclusion of an in floor heating system. "Heated floor systems have a way of defining a project, and helping a designer stand out from the rest of the pack," declared Vice President of Sales Stephen Kaempf. "Electric radiant floor heating is economically smart, green, and it is off the charts when it comes to comfort. There are plenty of designers that can hit the "sight" part of the five senses, but the floor heating is one of the unique design features that affect the "feel" piece of the five senses, " continued Steve. In the Miami project, the floor heating system was installed in the dining areas, the bedrooms, the bathrooms and even the laundry space. "Whether you are sitting down for a meal, getting ready for bed, or stepping out of the shower, your "feel" senses are inundated with warmth and comfort," said Steve. "It really is hard to beat! Also- for guests to come over, head to the bathroom and also get their "feel " senses wowed by the electric radiant floor heating is also impressive!"

Underfloor Heating isn't Corny – Or Is It?


Lexington Nebraska is famous for being a stop along the Pony Express route in the 1860's. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor danger stopped the mail from being delivered by those faithful riders. Now, Thermosoft is delivering something quite different to Lexington Nebraska – namely underfloor heating. Yes, in the heart of the corn belt – in-floor heat is popular and thriving. Recently, D____ Construction performed an entire floor installation of underfloor heating and the customer couldn't be happier. Bedrooms and bathrooms were all covered with Thermotile heated floor mats. Providing comfort that only radiant flooring can provide on those cold mid-western nights, where the winds howl from the north. "There are several reasons our customers choose Thermotile under floor heating over the others," declared VP of Marketing Russ Dunn. "First, our product is manufactured in the U.S.A., which is important to folks. Next, our underfloor heating product has zero EMF – which is also critical to some who consider EMF a health hazard. Thermotile heated floor mats include a commercial grade fiberglass mesh, which lays flat for easy installation, and acts as an anti- fracture membrane. Also, you can install Thermotile heated floor mats under any type of flooring, ceramic, wood, laminates and even carpet! Lastly," continued Russ," Thermosoft offers a lifetime warranty for the floor heating system, it doesn't get better than that!" So, harvest time – or any time – Thermosoft has a bumper crop of reasons why their underfloor heating should be chosen over the rest.

Electric Floor Heating the Brooklyn Way


Brooklyn is the most populated of the five buroughs in New York, boasting about 2.5 million people. With such a large population – you can get lost in the crowd. Having electric radiant floor heating is one way to separate yourself from the masses. I might say this tongue in cheek, but Pietro from A__________ is one of New York's high end and energy efficient renovation specialists, and uses in floor heat as a major selling point when looking at remodeling jobs. "We advise many contractors too always quote electric floor heating as an option on all of their jobs," says Stephen Kaempf, Vice President of Sales. "Prospects love to hear about gadgets and energy savings concepts that help them stand out from the rest and in floor heating is one of those", he continued. "Every year millions of people decide to renovate their homes, and most of them have the same goal – to make homes more functional, mJr-jie Wang, Presore secure, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Electric floor heating helps them achieve a few of those goals." In terms of functionality, in floor heat cannot be any simpler, providing localized heating where you may need it. In terms of comfort, what could be more comfortable than the soothing feeling of electric floor heating on your bare feet? Also – electric radiant floor heating, if installed in larger common areas, can allow you to turn your whole house thermostat down a few clicks, which will put money back in your pocket in energy savings.

Heated Flooring and Property Management


Recently, a well known property management firm placed their order for heated flooring from Thermosoft. Having a good source for in floor heat systems is a key element to be a top quality property management company. In today's real estate market, a company needs every extra edge and advantage in order to separate itself from the rest of the pack. As a client looks at a potential space, heated flooring in key areas could potentially be the deciding factor on whether a space gets rented or not. "When people come to rent a home or a commercial space – they are thinking about the wow factor, something that they can feel good about, and in floor heat is one of those," says Vice President of Sales Stephen Kaempf. "Also – they get used to the creature comforts of heated flooring and when it comes time to renew their lease, it is one of the many types of "glue" that keeps them in their place for another year or so". Also electric radiant floor heat can be a simple solution when heating in a certain part of a building might be inadequate. "We had one property management firm that had a drafty area in one of the bedrooms. Instead of the tenant turning up the thermostat and heating the whole unit – the property management firm decided to installed heated floors in the bedroom, thus providing localized heat where it was needed," commented Steve Kaempf. Property managers take heed – your customers love heated flooring!

Heated Flooring and Accessorizing


There are all types of floor warming systems that Thermosoft offers, and there is a specific use for each heated floor system. Once you've decided on the type of in floor heat you will be using, you then need to decide what type of accessories you would like. Here is a brief description of the various accessory options which can be ordered with your heated flooring.

  • Thermostats – There are many choices of thermostats which can power up and control your floor warming system. If you are on the frugal and simple side, you can go with a simple manual thermostat, which is no frills – and just powers up your thermostat. If you are a little more "techy" or want to program operating times for your in floor heating system, you can go with several options of programmable thermostats from various manufacturers.

  • Installation Monitor – This is a must when installing your in floor heat. This handy little device monitors radiant flooring mats for a short circuit or open circuits during installation. This device will make sure that your heated flooring remains "working" while installers are working their magic.

  • Back up Floor sensor - This is a 10' floor sensor probe which is a "back up" in case the sensor you've installed underneath the floor stops working. The cases are rare that this happens (if ever) however, it is very inexpensive insurance for such a thing.

  • Installation Help Tools – These include a multimeter – which is used to monitor resistance of your heated floor system during installation and after installation. Another handy tool is a plastic trowel, which is key to help avoiding any nicking of the cables of your in floor heat. Other items that you can add in are glue guns, knee pads and tape.

So, yes it is fashionable to accessorize when you are purchasing your heated flooring system!

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