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Warning! - Summer is the Time to Install Radiant Floor Heating!


According to ThermoSoft International, Inc., North American homeowners should not expect global warming to last through next winter. Instead, the manufacturer of electric radiant floor heat systems is warning that summer is the best time to install warm floors.

blue sky sun

ThermoSoft's internal panel on comfort conservation warns that global warming cannot be expected to last through next winter and advises North Americans to utilize the summer months to install warm flooring. There is no better opportunity than the summer to set time aside and prepare for next winters inevitable arctic plunge into freezing temperatures.

Meteorologists have a difficult job predicting the daily weather accurately, much less what is going to happen next winter. ThermoSoft advises homeowners to never forget last winter's record freezing temperatures, treacherous icy roads, enormous snow accumulations and power outages. Since weather history tends to repeat itself, albeit cyclically, installing radiant floor heat in the summer is a prudent measure to prepare the home for optimal comfort in the winter.

As an added benefit, not only will comfort be conserved with warm floors, energy usage will be conserved as well. A little known fact is that radiant heating reduces building heat load by 25-35% compared to convection heating according to the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers. Moreover, with radiant floor heat there is no heat lost in the ductwork which can amount up to 35% according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Radiant warm floors are best installed in summer when tile and wood flooring materials can be trimmed outside and when mortar for setting tile can be mixed outside, sparing the indoor air environment from dust and airborne particulates. What's more, ThermoSoft is offering off-season discounts to promote summer installations of radiant floor heat and to contribute to the global comfort conservation effort.

ThermoSoft Delivers Radiant Floor Heating to Whitehouse, New Jersey


The Rockaway Valley Railroad, which delivered to Whitehouse Station, New Jersey, was shut down in 1913 primarily because it was poorly financed and served no large cities. It only ran to the outskirts of one medium sized town and had no significant industry along its route.

whitehouse railway

ThermoSoft, on the other hand, is well financed, and serves both large and small cities with its radiant floor heating. Not being limited to the railway system, Thermosoft ships its underfloor heating from its 50,000 square foot facility daily to all places, remote and otherwise, in North America. Franko Construction found this out, when they needed to complete a bathroom remodel and their client desired a warm floor for their bathroom. Franko was able to order their radiant floor heating and have it shipped the same day to the location of their choosing. There was no need for Franko to travel miles to one of the "big boxes" - and there was no need for Franko to seek out a product that was made in a foreign land. U.S.A. manufacturer of underfloor heating - ThermoSoft International - was able to satisfy all of Franko's needs, including answering any questions regarding installation of the floor heating system, as well as designing a layout for Franko so that he ordered the right amount of floor heating mats. A small contractor like Franko can really make a name for themselves in a community like Whitehouse, New Jersey, where the news travels fast...and boy does the news of warm floors on a cold winter night travel quickly!

ThermoSoft Floor Heating Provides Safe Haven from Armageddon Fears


The headlines tell us that Ukraine fears imminent invasion, that Russian spy ships were detected off the coast of Florida, that this could be the start of World War III. The good news is that it's not too late to experience the soothing comfort and joy of Thermosoft's electric radiant floor heating.

In times of crisis, whether real as in the case of Ukraine or imagined as in global warming, people begin to think about doing the important things in life. Whether it's telling someone they are loved, forgiving past transgressions or installing warm floors, it's never too late to do what's right for country, family and the environment.

The soothing comfort of electric radiant floor heat is definitely a "must do" experience. Stepping barefoot on a warm tile, laminate or wood floor is comparable to a walk on the beach. Warmth radiating from floor to head level is not only comforting, it is energy efficient. 100% of the energy expended with electric underfloor heating is utilized to warm the floor. No energy is wasted in the ductwork or rising to the ceiling as with convection heating systems. Moreover, individual rooms can be thermostatically controlled based on different times of use and temperature requirements.

Since floor heat radiates healthy warmth like the sun and is not blown in like a nor'easter, there are no chilly drafts blowing dust, dirt and allergens around the home. Warm floors create a calm, quiet, draft-free sanctuary where families can escape the cares of the world while re-energizing for the day.

More good news is that Thermosoft's facilities have not been appropriated for conversion to wartime armaments production. Thermosoft's 50,000 square foot, fully integrated, manufacturing facility is still dedicated to the production of high quality, low cost, electric radiant floor heating systems. There is no better time to install a healthy, comforting, warm floor than right now as the brutal winter reluctantly releases its grasp or as preparation for next year's inevitable arctic blast.

Electric Floor Heating Dares to Mess with Texas!


The lowest average temperature of the year in Athens Texas is 58 degrees Fahrenheit, yet radiant floor heating has become a must have for some of it's citizens. CC of Athens purchased a floor warming system two years ago when he was remodeling his bathroom. He has enjoyed it for two years and is now buying a new home where some remodeling is necessary. He wants to install a ceramic tile floor and declares "I wouldn't have a tile floor without it!"

black eyed peas

Athens is considered to be the "black eyed pea" capital of the world, and sometimes it gets so hot that you could cook your black eyed peas without turning on the stove. Nevertheless, when your feet hit the cold bathroom floor - the welcome radiant heat generated by a floor heating system - is an affordable luxury that Texans will not do without. In Texas - people are used to doing things "bigger and better", so why not do every kitchen and bathroom remodel "bigger and better" by adding a electric radiant heating system.

Athens is also considered a major retirement community and what better way to ride out the golden years, by having the golden warmth generated by a under tile floor warming system create soothing comfortable heat for your body. The floor heating systems typically cost pennies to run, however, add value to your real estate, and add value to your lifestyle. When people come over for that Texas size barbecue - treat them to an unforgettable experience as they use the bathroom or enjoy the tile floor on the kitchen!

Radiant Floor Heating - Flying High in Fargo


It has been a colder than usual year in Fargo, North Dakota, which makes the idea of electric radiant floor heating all that more appealing for the folks who live in that region. A pilot, who flies out of the Fargo Jet Center recently became a client of ThermoSoft and is looking forward to never spending another winter without the awesome feeling of warm floors. The Fargo Jet Center is the one of North America's most modern and well-equipped commercial airports.

Our pilot friend flies out of the airport, and is now looking forward to reaching "new heights of comfort" as he installs our ThermoFloor radiant floor heating system under his choice laminate floors. "Our floor warming systems are easy to order online," says Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for Thermosoft. "You don't have to be a rocket scientist (or even a pilot) to figure out how much floor heating you will need…just a simple sketch of your room will do." Our pilot friend decided to navigate the website himself, and place his underfloor heat order, which shipped the same day. Others may decide to contact our world class customer service center, where our radiant floor heating technicians are standing by to answer questions, provide layouts, or give other advice that might make the difference for a homeowner or contractor. So now, during those sub zero winters in Fargo North Dakota, we have one "high flier" that will enjoy the affordable luxury of warm floors!

ThermoSoft Offers Infrared Floor Heat Solutions to Gore-Warned Dust Bowl!


dust bowl

At a recent symposium on climate change in Kansas City, Al Gore stated the Dust Bowl is coming back unless we act. Thermosoft, Inc. offers healthy, infrared floor warming solutions for immediate action to save energy and avert another Dust Bowl.

Although reasonable people can disagree about whether or not SUV proliferation contributed to the 1930's Dust Bowl and California's current drought, there's one thing about which everyone can agree, homes in Kansas and across the globe, are more likely to be under assault from dust mites than a coming dust bowl. Nevertheless, homeowners and the Gore faithful alike can be comforted by FloorHeat System's Thermosoft brand floor warming that solves both problems.

Infrared warmth from Thermosoft floor heat is healthy. Thermosoft warm floors help to eradicate mold, mildew and dust mites especially in damp areas like kitchens, bathrooms and basements where moisture tends to be present.

Thermosoft warm floors are energy efficient because the heat generated is attracted directly to the body like the sun. Thermosoft floor heat does not warm the air which is wasted rising to the ceiling. 100% of Thermosoft floor heating energy is converted to warm floors; nothing is wasted up the flue or in the ductwork.

Unfortunately for those who believe sacrifice is required to save energy, no sacrifice is involved in saving energy with Thermosoft warm floors. Quite the opposite is true. People will be more comfortable at lower temperatures owing to the thermal transfer effect of infrared heat compared to convection heat. Added benefits of Thermosoft floor heat come from eliminating the noise and draft of blowing warm air along with dust, dirt and allergens.

Thermosoft floor heat is an affordable, energy saving, luxury, that once experienced, becomes a convenient necessity. Owners of Thermosoft warm floors spend more time at home, in luxurious, soothing comfort, watching a movie for example, rather than driving their SUV's to noisy, drafty, theaters.

ThermoSoft's Radiant Floor Heating Systems Are No Longer Only for the North


mason dixon road sign

Thermosoft's announced that its radiant floor heating systems are no longer only for the North as the polar vortex of 2014 wreaked havoc on the South. Thermosoft is now offering discounted floor warming systems to help Southerners cope with continued continental cooling.

In states south of the Mason-Dixon Line, From Texas to North Carolina, southerners are coping with the kind of frightful weather that typically has Northerners fleeing southward. Snow accumulations and ice storms have Southern governors calling for states of emergency and the weather channel naming snow storms. Winter's misery was visited on hundreds of thousands without power as heavy ice brought down trees and power lines. Paralyzed roads forced students to spend the night at school. Flight cancellations stranded people in airports for hours while icy roads caused widespread accidents, abandoned cars and huge traffic jams. Governors urged residents to stay at home. Schools and many offices were closed for days. People packed supermarkets to stock up on essentials.

Although nothing can be done about the weather, Thermosoft's floor warming systems will have southerners basking in warmth like they're sipping sweet tea on the front porch on a warm afternoon. Besides providing welcome relief, warmth and comfort from frightful weather, Thermosoft's warm floors are easy to install and save energy compared to gas-forced-air furnaces, heat pumps, baseboards and most certainly, portable space heaters.

Thermosoft electric radiant floor heating can be easily installed in individual rooms, one at a time, starting with the coldest or the most used room. Various floor warming systems and installation methods can accommodate almost any floor covering. Ceramic, marble, porcelain and stone tile floors are some of the most common floor coverings over radiant heat. However, for those who prefer to save time and avoid cement, Thermosoft makes floor warming systems designed for fast and easy installation under floating laminate and engineered woods floors. Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems and installation methods can also accommodate nailed-down wood, carpet and vinyl floors.

Thermosoft's electric warm floors save energy. According to The American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers, radiant heating systems should reduce building heat load by 25% to 35% over convective systems that warm the air which rises and is lost to the ceiling. In addition, The United Stated Department of Energy estimates that as much as 35% of convective heat is lost in the ductwork. What's more, given that Thermosoft's electric floor warming systems can be thermostatically controlled by individual room based on use, it's easy to see the potential for significant energy savings.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating makes Maryland a Merry Land


Bethesda, Maryland is one of the most affluent communities in the entire United States. It was first on CNNMoney.com's list of top earning American towns in 2012, and is filled with high fliers who can afford almost anything. In this town, electric floor heating has become a must for anyone who is remodeling, and the funny thing is, whereas radiant floor heating was once reserved for the wealthy, it is not so any more. Even though the people of Bethesda might have more money to throw around, you need not be a millionaire to afford electric floor heating. Thermosoft's floor warming systems are an affordable luxury that can be purchased by all people in the remodeling mode.

hand tools

"For a simple bath remodel, you can heat your floors in the bathroom for a small percentage of the overall remodeling cost, and," continued Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for ThermoSoft, Inc., "it will be one of the most enjoyable and memorable features of the whole remodel. You may not notice the type of pedestal sink you put in, or the type of vanity, but how could you forget the comfortable warmth, oozing out of the floor into your feet and legs?" What's more, radiant floor heating is not just an affordable item for bathrooms. For a kitchen remodel, adding electric floor heating typically represents about 5-7% of the overall cost of the remodel, and again, it will be one of the most talked about features of the whole kitchen! As families gather to eat, or the chef of the house stands to cook, the warm floors will create a soothing, inviting environment for all involved! You don't need to be a millionaire to be able to afford and enjoy one of the greatest luxury home improvement items anymore!

Electric Floor Heat a Smart Move in Bethesda



Bethesda, is on the Forbes list of "most educated small towns", and this is confirmed as well with the way the entire town is embracing electric floor heating. "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that warm tiles, and subsequently warm feet, is better than ice cold tiles and feet, but, having a high IQ does make it easier to go through all the pros of radiant floor heating!" exclaimed Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for ThermoSoft International. The energy savings is something easy to computer, even for the "not so bright". ThermoSoft radiant floor heating concentrates warmth near the floor (living area) where people need it, not near the ceiling. When warmth generated by the electric floor heat is concentrated near the floor, you feel warmer. Since you feel warmer, you can turn down the central thermostat. ASHRAE reports a comfortable temperature is 70 degrees F. Forced air systems must be set at 75°F to feel this warm, whereas an electric floor warming system can be set at 66°F to feel this comfortable. This little adjustment reduces your energy costs substantially. "For each degree that you turn down your thermostat, you can save between 3 and 5% on your overall bill. So - if you can turn your thermostat down from 75°F to 66°F, you will save 9 times 3-5% or up to 45% on your bill," says Steve.

Your electric utility company may also offer additional incentives for installing an in floor heating system as well! Also - programmable thermostats help insure maximum savings, and you can install one in each room to maximize savings and localize the heat.

ThermoSoft Corrects the Fox News Video, "How to Prevent Space Heater Fires"


Fox News reported that in the winter months, space heaters are the "go-to for heat-up". But what Fox omitted from the video is that electric radiant floor heat is the one fail-safe way to warm a cold room.

ThermoSoft International Corp., manufacturers of electric radiant floor heat, announced corrections to the Fox News video titled, "Four ways to help prevent a space heater fire", in the interest of transparency, full disclosure, equal time and the public's right-to-know.

According to the Fox News video, the four ways to prevent space heater fires are:

  • Keep space heaters at least three feet from curtains, drapes, bedding and upholstered furniture.
  • Make sure the space heater is certified by Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Never leave the space heater unattended.
  • Avoid using extension cords.

Despite causing 53,000 home fires in 2011, the video stated that space heaters are the "go-to" in winter months. But space heaters come up short compared to ThermoSoft electric floor heating systems when it comes to safety, comfort and energy efficiency.

Here's why. Space heaters concentrate thousands of watts of heat in one area. It's too hot near the space heater and unless one is sitting close to the space heater, it's cold and uncomfortable. Hence the high risk of fire because people often place space heaters too close to upholstered furniture and bedding where they are sitting or sleeping. Space heaters are also placed at the perimeter of the room, putting drapes and curtains at fire risk, in an attempt to blow across the middle of the room. Space heater fans cause warm air to rise to the ceiling where it is wasted and they circulate dust, dirt and other allergens.

In contrast, ThermoSoft floor heat is safely installed under the floor and evenly distributed across the room at 11-15 Watts per SF. Think of the heat from a 60-Watt light bulb spread over every five square feet of the floor. ThermoSoft is not only safe, but effective for warming the floor and the room. ThermoSoft's infrared heat does not warm the air and does not rise to the ceiling. It is attracted to people and objects so occupants feel warmer than with convection (air-blown) systems. 100% of the energy expended is used to warm the floor and the room. And, since there are no fans, Thermosoft's floor heat does not circulate dust, dirt and allergens. All ThermoSoft heating systems are UL compliant and hard-wired under the floor at installation so there is no need to worry about extension cords, leaving the floor heat unattended, or curtains, drapes, bedding and upholstered furniture. ThermoSoft floor heat systems clearly provide a superior long-term solution to winter's cold, compared to space heaters, in terms of safety, energy efficiency, health and comfort. What's more, stated Russ Dunn, VP Marketing for ThermoSoft, after over a decade in this business, I never heard of a fire started by any electric radiant floor heating system.

Radiant Floor Heating in Burbank California


Dr. David Burbank bought over 4600 acres from the Verdugo holding company in 1867 and some of this land eventually was given the moniker "Burbank, California". Before the Hollywood lights started to shine on the town, and before the "Bob Hope airport", Burbank was primarily known for its manufacturing.

ThermoSoft is also known for its manufacturing or heating products, and namely electric radiant floor heating. DK Construction of Burbank was looking for some underfloor heating for a ceramic tile/stone flooring job they were working on. "Typically, being a U.S.A. manufacturer helps us to stand apart from our competitors in the floor warming marketplace," says Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales at Thermosoft International. "Today, many radiant floor heating products are being imported from China, India or some other place. It is unique to be a U.S. manufacturer of floor heating, and it could be the difference of whether people use us or not." ThermoSoft is a fully integrated manufacturer of their floor heating system, manufacturing everything from the lead wires of the systems, down to the actual cables themselves. "People love the fact that when they are talking to us about their floor warming jobs, they are talking to someone that is sitting a few feet from where the stuff is actually being made," continued Steve. ThermoSoft's technical support team is "homegrown" as well, serving their floor warming systems' customers from a manufacturer's perspective. "Whether it be in sunny California, or elsewhere, you can take our manufacturer's warranty to the bank! It is much different than having someone make a promise to you about someone else's product in some other country!"

ThermoSoft Offers Radiant Floor Heat as Solution to Global Cooling


This winter it became perfectly clear that the mankind's effort to solve the global warming crisis is a mission accomplished. Now is the time, and ThermoSoft is the company, leading the way to winning the war against global cooling with energy-efficient radiant floor warming.

penguin and ship

Never was it more evident that the mission against global warming was fait accompli than when the December 2013 Australasian Antarctic Expedition of global warming scientists verified the existence of abundant levels of ice in Antarctica. The enduring photo of the two-ton, ice-strengthened ship, the Akademik Shokalskiy, stuck in the Antarctic ice, demonstrated global warming's retreat as convincingly as the adventuresome polar bear, cruising adrift a tip of the iceberg, alerted millions to its inconvenience.

With the global warming bump-in-the-road behind us, now is the time to move forward to the real crisis plaguing humanity. Global cooling's debilitating effects have been felt across America during this winter's record low temperatures and high snowfalls. The absolute truth is that there's nothing that can be done about the weather, but there is something that can be done to defeat global cooling and keep warm, comfortable, healthy and in good spirits.

Don't neglect the feet. One of the primary ways to keeping warm, comfortable and healthy is keeping the feet warm. There is no better way to keep the feet and the whole body warm than with ThermoSoft's electric radiant floor warming. Radiant floor heat does not rise to the ceiling like conventional convection heat. ThermoSoft's in-floor warming is attracted to people and objects and is therefore concentrated from floor to head level. There's no better way to regain real estate lost to global cooling that with a ThermoSoft floor warming counter-offensive. ThermoSoft's electric floor heating systems are easily deployed in individual rooms as well as throughout the whole home or office, in remodels as well as new construction.

Speaking about ThermoSoft's energy efficient electric radiant floor warming systems coupled with the latest energy-saving programmable floor thermostats, ThermoSoft's President and CEO, Eric Kochman stated, "Together we can [make the world warmer]. We are definitely in the right place at the right time to solve global cooling. ThermoSoft's mission is to warm the world through education, dedication and floor heat installation."

Electric Radiant Floor Heating in Freehold New Jersey.


revolutionary war woman cannon

Freehold Township, in New Jersey was first formed in 1693. One of the largest battles of the Revolutionary War, involving over 25,000 soldiers, was fought in Freehold. This battle is known as the Battle of Monmouth, where Molly Pitcher became famous for fighting in the stead of her wounded husband, as she manned the cannons. There is a different type of war brewing now, and it is in the construction arena. As contractors fight to "re-invent" themselves and to add value to their craft, underfloor heating is one of the weapons of the war.

"Today, contractors fight an uphill battle for the consumer's dollars and electric radiant floor heating should be a part of every professional's arsenal to separate themselves from their competition," said Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for Thermosoft International. "Warm floors, and the comfort and energy savings they provide, is a strong draw to why people should want to do business with a contractor. Brian Shirley Electrical is a Freehold contractor that has taken the added step of becoming proficient in electric radiant floor heating, and boy has it paid off for them."

Underfloor heating is typically less than 10% of a construction project's budget, however, it is the "gift that keeps on giving", providing warmth, comfort and the 'wow' factor for years and years to come. "How long does it last?" you might ask? "It lasts as long as the wires in your walls," replies Steve. "Most of our underfloor heating products come with a lifetime warranty, so the floors will still be pushing up heat when most of our clients will be pushing up daisies!"

Floor Warming Systems strike Gold in the Oil Capital of the World!


drilling rig

Tulsa, Oklahoma is the 46th largest city in the United States and was once known as the "Oil Capital of The World", so how ironic is it that electric floor heating is becoming more and more popular in this Midwest town. ABC Home Remodeling decided to use our Thermotile floor heating system in their latest project in Tulsa. With Thermosoft – professionals find a one stop shop for their floor heat needs. "Our clients are able to order their electric floor heat, insulation, thermostat and all installation tools," said Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for Thermosoft International. Tulsa is located in "Tornado Alley", and our floor heating systems have hit the area like a cyclone, creating a "good noise".

Steve says, "Any contractor that decides to add our electric floor heating to their quotation process give themselves a competitive edge in the field. Our product typically ships the same day, and our customer service representatives are available until 10:00 p.m. to assist you with any projects. Tech support is also on stand by to support your efforts, and really make you look like a hero!" Tulsa also claims to be the birthplace of U.S. Route 66. "We feel that the road to success for remodelers today, is to create a distinction, and radiant floor heating provides a "custom touch" to your work. People are thrilled to step on a floor, whether it be wood or tile, that warms their feet." Electric radiant floor heating has found a home in Tulsa.

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