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Buying Floor Heat on ThermoSoft.com Safer Than Target


As 40 million credit and debit card accounts were compromised at Target, it's no wonder that consumers might become reluctant to purchase with plastic. However, Thermosoft assures customers that there is no more secure and convenient way to shop for floor warming systems than online at thermosoft.com.

As a leading online seller of floor warming systems in the USA and Canada, Thermosoft International Corporation announced the establishment of its own internal credit card fraud prevention department to confront and defeat fraudulent purchases of under floor heating equipment and accessories.

With an increase in fraudulent credit card activity in 2011, ThermoSoft contacted police departments where stolen goods were shipped in an effort to gain law enforcement support to prosecute the criminals. In one case, a cooperative Bensenville, IL detective agreed to arrange a sting where the floor heat thief was caught and shut down.

The crime syndicate worked like this: credit card numbers were stolen via cyber-hacking and transferred to an offshore organization located in Australia. The Australian organization recruited from a plethora of the U.S. unemployed via online ads seeking quality control checkers to work from home. Valuable, high quality floor warming merchandise, costing $300 or more, was purchased by the Australian organization charging stolen credit cards and shipped to the quality checker's home who immediately checked the goods, relabeled the box, and shipped it to Russia bound for the black market in stolen goods.

Since then, ThermoSoft established its own credit card fraud prevention department. The onus for preventing credit card fraud falls on the merchant who bears the loss when the burden of proof cannot establish that the true credit card owner received the merchandise. Since developing its own internal fraud prevention capability, the company has not suffered a loss. Fraud prevention is not only cost saving, it allows the company to keep prices down and remain one of, if not the most competitive U.S. floor warming merchant.

Floor Warming Systems in Littleton, Colorado


In 1859, Richard Sullivan Little, an engineer from New Hampshire made his way out west to work on irrigation systems. The 1859 "Pike's Peak Gold Rush", brought many people like him, including speculators into the Denver suburb area to hunt for fame and fortune. Well now, over a century has passed, and people are still looking for something that will put "gold" in their pockets. This is where ThermoSoft's floor warming systems come into play.

Recently X Construction of Littleton Colorado had a client that wanted to remodel their mudroom, hallway, bath and shower. X Construction quoted the project, and included electric radiant floor heating in the quote. Their customer loved the idea for several reasons. For the mudroom, a floor warming system will help to dry up the wet spots left by snowy boots and gear. Typically the mudroom is an area that is colder, coming right off of the garage, however, with a radiant floor heating system, it is now a cozy warm area, where kids and pets as well can gather before or after going outside. The bathroom for X Construction's client was a no brainer. From October through April – the cold tiles can really be uncomfortable, so heated tiles are the perfect solution. Even more, their clients decided to put the electric radiant floor heat in the shower stall as well, keeping everyone's feet warm before, during and after their showers. Where does the gold come in you might ask? Well, by proposing radiant floor heating to their clients, X Construction added another 25% to their bottom line, and is receiving scores of referrals to boot!

Thermosoft Floor Heating Promotes Indoor Global Warming with New ThermoKits


As the global warming debate rages, there is a convenient truth that everyone can agree on. People don't have to freeze in their homes this winter with new, convenient-to-install, electric radiant warm floor kits from Thermosoft.

Global warmists are perplexed by below normal (freezing) temperatures and snow covering much of the northern U.S. During the next two weeks, temperatures are projected to be 15 to 25°F below average throughout the Northwest, West, and Upper Midwest. One doesn't have to be an expert to understand that indoor global warming is desirable in winter. To promote indoor global warming this winter, Thermosoft is offering new floor heating kits that include everything needed to install a warm floor.

The new kits, dubbed ThermoKits™, include easy-to-install warm floor mat(s), thermostat with floor sensor, a choice of tool kits and installation instructions. ThermoKits provide soothing, infrared, radiant warmth like that coming from the sun. With ThermoKit's all natural radiant floor heat, a warm, comfortable and healthy indoor environment can be created -- the way nature intended.

house with lights on

Electric radiant floor heat is an expeditious and convenient way to achieve soothing warmth and comfort in problematic cold rooms. Thanks to advanced technology, Thermosoft's warm floor kits provide localized solutions tailored to individual rooms that are economical, energy saving and compatible with standard household electricity as well as alternative energy sources. What's more, ThermoKits are being offered at specially discounted prices over the next several weeks to promote healthy indoor global warming.

Homeowners and professional installers can conveniently shop Thermosoft's secure and verified website that reliably operates 24/7/365. However, the new ThermoKits are only available by calling Thermosoft's toll-free "heatline" so customers can speak with knowledgeable and trusted professionals to help them navigate the various ThermoKit warm floor options. Thermosoft's honest, informative, respectful company sales representatives are standing by to answer heated flooring and installation questions by phone or by chat. Thermosoft offers a 100% money back guarantee. ThermoSoft International Corporation is the leading, fully integrated, USA manufacturer of UL and ETL/Intertek compliant in floor heating systems that are easy-to-install, affordable and green, saving energy up to 40%.

Winter Arrives Early, It's Not Too Late to Install Warm Floors!


Winter's frightful temperatures have arrived early this year, but it's not too late for families to gather together to enjoy the warmth and comfort of floor heat. ThermoSoft International Corp. offers timely installation tips and online sales to keep the holidays warmer and families together.

In many parts of the country, temperatures are falling well short of their normal highs. But, unseasonably cold temperatures don't have to put a freeze on the holidays. When the weather outside is frightful and the family room with sliding patio doors is not so delightful, it's time to consider installing a warm floor.

Consumers increasingly wary that "gray Thursday" and "Black Friday" detract from family time during the holiday can shop online from the convenience of their own homes. There's no need to leave home and family and face the frenzied throngs of holiday shoppers. There's no waiting in long lines to get high quality floor heat systems at a deep discount.

Almost anyone can take advantage of their Thanksgiving holiday weekend (or the weeks to follow leading up to Christmas) to stay home with family and install a floor heat system. Three or four days are certainly enough time to install a warm floor in a family room, basement or kitchen, especially with ThermoSoft's ThermofFloor for laminate and engineered wood floors. Since ThermoSoft's ThermoFloor can be installed without any glue or cement, it can be installed in less than one day. The remaining two or three days' time is required to install the floor itself and for the electrician to "rough-in" the electrical and connect the thermostat.

ThermoSoft also offers floor heat for tile floors in kitchens and bathrooms. For people comfortable using thin-set mortar or self-leveling cement to install tile, these floor heat systems are do-it-yourself friendly. Otherwise, the homeowner can install the warm floor mats or cable and call a tile installer to lay the floor. An electrician is also needed to connect the thermostat.

Electric Floor Heating in Anchorage


Anchorage has been named by Kiplinger's as one of the most tax friendly cities in the United States, however, the cold weather can have a "taxing" effect on people as the north winds and cold snows blow. ThermoSoft regularly rides to the rescue with their floor warming systems, sparing Alaskans the uncomfortable and bone chilling feeling of cold feet (and eventually legs and torso on up!).

In 1867, U.S. Secretary of State, William H. Seward brokered a deal to purchase Alaska from Imperial Russia for about 7.2 million dollars. Well, now people are "rushin" to install our wonderful floor warming systems in their homes, and they aren't any "broker" for doing it! Recently, Mr. G a local diy'er decided to install electric floor heating in his bathroom, as he didn't want to wake up every day to the ice cold feeling of ceramic tile. "There is nothing like climbing out of bed, hearing the cold winds howl, and feeling the soothing, radiating heat hit your feet and work its way up your body," exclaimed VP of Marketing, Russ Dunn. One of the things that helped the economy grow in Alaska is the Alaskan Railroad. "Well, people do not need to be railroaded by all types of retail mark ups and gimmicks. Thermosoft can help you get on the right track by getting a floor heating system directly from the manufacturer, who is US!" The only type of housing we don't recommend our systems in are igloos…could get a little wet!

Electric Floor Heating and Ingrams Water and Air Equipment


Ingram's Water & Air Equipment

For years, Ingrams Water and Air offered quality products, such as Heating and Air Conditioning Systems, Water Systems, Air Purification Systems and much more. Most recently, they have added electric radiant floor heating to their selection of products, and their manufacturer of choice is Thermosoft International! "We are very selective of who we team up with, when it comes to those who represent our floor heating in the marketplace," said Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales with Thermosoft International. "We like Ingrams Water and Air because for many reasons. They have friendly service. They represent quality products and provide excellent customer service. They also really know what they are talking about when it comes to heating and cooling systems, and floor warming systems are a perfect complement to what they are currently offering!"

Steve also cited some other unique cross pollinating with geothermal heat pumps. "We believe our radiant floor heating is very complementary to geothermal systems, and Ingrams have great expertise in this area. Geothermal heating takes heat from the ground and transfers it to heating (and cooling) for your house. The problem is, that it can only heat up to a certain point, and our radiant floor heating is able to add enough heat to provide adequate heating for your home." Ingrams Water and Air is a family owned business located in Kentucky and has been in business for over a decade, and will now be going into the future with Thermosoft radiant floor heating!

With Thermosoft's Radiant Floor Heating Health Care Plan, You Can Keep Your HVAC


Radiant heat is infrared energy that heats objects (and people) directly without heating the air. It's the infrared energy produced by the sun that allows people to feel warm on a cool day. The human body produces infrared energy for warmth and tissue repair and may require a boost at times to provide the fullest healing possible. This is why doctors recommend and people use heating pads to sooth muscles, alleviate pain and accelerate tissue repair. It doesn't require much imagination to understand the health care benefits provided from being surrounded and soothed by the infrared energy of Thermosoft's floor heating systems radiating from the feet up.

podium man clipart

What's more, Thermosoft's radiant floors are well suited for people with allergies. With radiant floors, there are no noisy fans to cause drafts and to blow warm air, dust, dirt and allergens around the home or office. Radiant floors typically are not wall-to-wall carpeted, so this harbor for dust mites, dirt and allergens can be eliminated.

Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems may not be covered by health care plans except in cases where a home is being retrofitted with floor warming in conjunction with a specifically prescribed program of therapy, for example when shower and bath floors and seats need to be warm because of a patient's intolerance to cold. Similarly, walk-in bathtubs have been covered by some health care plans and manufacturers are now adding Thermosoft's bathtub seat and back heaters as an additional benefit.

To facilitate more American's access to the health care benefits of floor warming, Thermosoft is offering generous price discounts on all radiant floor heating systems. No longer is floor warming the exclusive domain of expensive custom homes, Hollywood movie stars, professional athletes and congressmen. Now, every homeowner can have warm floors from Thermosoft installed in their home or office as part of their own, personal, private healthcare plan.

Homeowners and professional installers can conveniently shop Thermosoft's secure and verified website that reliably operates 24/7/365. Many buyers choose to call Thermosoft's toll-free "heatline" so they can speak with knowledgeable and trusted professionals to help them navigate the various floor heat health care plan options. Thermosoft's honest, informative, respectful company sales representatives are standing by to answer floor warming and installation questions by phone or by chat. Thermosoft offers a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your floor heat health care plan, you can keep your HVAC.

Side effects from the extreme comfort, potential energy savings and opportunity to integrate with off-grid, alternative energy sources provided by installing Thermosoft's floor heating systems include drowsiness, muscle relaxation, acute sense of silence, tranquility, peacefulness and elevated levels of euphoria. When considering any health care plan, it is wise to consult with a doctor to be sure that radiant floor heating is right for you.

Under Floor Heating in Whitby Canada


Peter Perry founded Whitby, Ontario in the early 1800's, quickly naming it after the seaport town of Yorkshire England. The name Whitby means "White Village", probably after all of the snow that falls in the winter time. Yes, it can get quite chilly in Whitby Canada, in the province of Ontario, which is why under-floor heating is a natural fit for this area.

pier lighthouse

R_______ K__________, a DIY'er was remodeling his kitchen, and in doing so, was compelled to research various floor warming systems. "We are re-doing the kitchen, and we decided on a laminate flooring. After we reviewed all types of electric radiant floor heating, we decided on ThermoFloor. It has all of the features we were looking for. We were excited that your radiant floor heating system didn't need to be installed in cement, and we also loved the fact that ThermoFloor had a built in Thermal break! " finished R_______. ThermoFloor is one of the few products on the market that has 3 unique features built into one product. First – ThermoFloor is a great insulator- creating a barrier between the cold floor and your floor. Second- Thermofloor is one of the only under-floor heating systems that acts as a sound suppressor, which cushions the floor and absorbs impact sound. Thirdly, it is one of the few electric radiant floor systems that can be installed easily, without any messy process of mortar or cement. Lastly and most importantly, ThermoFloor is a floor heater, which uses ThermoSoft's patented FiberThermics technology to heat any laminate or engineered wood evenly and efficiently.

Electric Radiant Floor Heating – Capitol Idea!


Metro General Contracting, located in Kensington, Maryland had a client who expressed the desire to add electric floor heating to one of their rooms they planned on outfitting with ceramic tile. Eventually after weighing out all the options, they agreed to install Infrafloor's unique Infrafloor Mat product. It is a product uniquely designed specifically for installation under tile and stone floors, and it worked perfectly for this application. Metro General Contracting is a family owned and operated business in the DC-Metro area – that has been in business for over 20 years.

Metro General Contracting is able to offer their customers expertise in the areas of masonry, carpentry, finishing, painting and many other remodeling aspects. Offering quality installation of under-floor heating is just one of the ways that they separate themselves from the competition. "I have many contractors and installers that quote electric radiant floor heating in every job," cited VP of Sales for InfraFloor, Steve Kaempf. "It is a simple, yet powerful way that they can create a distinction in their work. I can't tell you how many times a contractor will receive a referral because a client had a dinner party, and someone noticed their warm floors. When a contractor takes the time to discuss a floor warming system as part of the remodeling package, it shows the customer that the contractor truly cares about the job and is willing to go the extra mile!" Metro General Contracting is one of those types of contractors that goes the extra mile with radiant floor heating!

Underfloor Heating – A Presidential IDEA!


In southwest Michigan, there is a small town that is recognized as Tree City USA by the National Arbor Day Foundation, namely, Buchanan, Michigan. Buchanan is also named after the 15th President of the United States- James Buchanon. Now, President Buchanan did not enjoy radiant floor heating, (at least as far as we know), but residents today in Buchanan Michigan certainly are. In-floor heat is a must in Buchanan, with those cool breezes in the summer and freezing winds in the winter which come off of Lake Michigan. Radiant Floor Heating provides warmth and heat on the chilly days, and soothing, luxurious comfort on the warmer days. Speaking of all those trees in Tree City USA – did you know that radiant floor heating does great under wood floors?!

"Our ThermoFloor floor warming mat is easy to install under wood floors or laminates," says Russ Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at ThermoSoft. "Simply lay out the pre-cut radiant floor heating system and install your wood or laminate floor. There is no need for messy thin set or any other type of cement. It is a very clean process!" Nail down wood floors are a little trickier, in terms of installing radiant heat flooring, as you need to space your mats and your boards correctly, or you can simply use the ThermoTile underfloor heating system with thinset cement and install "sleepers" which you can nail your floor into. After the sleepers are installed, you then put your thin set cement down level with the sleepers and you are ready to nail down your flooring. "Be careful where you put the nails," warned Russ, "and you should be fine!"

Under-floor Heating in Indiana


Anderson, Indiana is excited about under-floor heating – and boy is that ironic. In 1897, natural gas was discovered in Anderson, creating the Indiana Gas Boom, and thus earning the monikor of "the Pittsburgh on White River" for the budding town of Anderson. Well there is no more need for natural gas when it comes to heat (at least in our opinion), as electric floor heating systems become more and more popular in Anderson, as well as the mid-west in general. Natural gas is used to fuel furnaces which blow air around the house.

Unlike in floor heat – where the heat begins at the feat and stays at that level, slowly warming upwards, force air heat quickly rises to the top of the room, creating an inefficient heating situation. What's more, because of the underfloor heating, your blood circulation is improved because your feet are warm, which isn't the case with forced air heat. What's more- if you struggle with allergies, dust and pollutants blown around by the furnace may be just the thing that YOU DON'T NEED! With electric radiant floor heating, there is no blowing, just beautiful, soothing heat, starting with your feet and warming all of the objects around you. Furnaces starting and shutting down can also create quite a noisy situation, and with ducts situated in certain corners of the room, they can create a situation where you have heat in some areas of the room, and cool spots in the other areas. Under-floor heating, by contrast, delivers the heat evenly and quietly. So in Anderson Indiana, where natural gas was discovered, or in your town, it always make sense to go with radiant floor heating!

Leading Radiant Floor Heating Manufacturer Announces Government Shutdown Program


Thermosoft's new program to offer discounted floor warming systems is intended to benefit furloughed government workers and others affected by the government shutdown.

Thermosoft International Corporation, widely recognized as the USA's leading fully integrated American manufacturer of electric underfloor heating, announced a new program designed to offer relief to everyone affected by the government shutdown.

What's new about this program, besides the generous price discounts, is the undefined expiration date. Thermosoft's radiant floor heating program will be in effect for as long as the government shutdown lasts.

Thermosoft' new radiant floor heating program couldn't have come at a better time for furloughed government workers and others affected by the government shutdown. The discounts on radiant flooring are designed to alleviate some of the financial hardship that government workers may be experiencing by lack of a paycheck. Besides government workers, this program benefits the self-employed and employees of companies that have federal government contracts and who are also experiencing the domino effect of late government payments.

The program also provides government workers incentives to take advantage of their time off from serving the nation to do some valuable home improvements. The timing of the government shutdown and Thermosoft's radiant floor heating program couldn't be more fortuitous because people normally take time prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas to fix up their homes to make them more warm and inviting to loved ones coming to visit for the holidays.

An added financial bonus as winter approaches is the energy saving aspect of Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems. Radiant heating creates superior comfort compared to convection heating at lower air temperatures. This means that homeowners can lower their thermostats with radiant heating and feel at least as comfortable as with convection heating. Comfort is actually superior because radiant heating is evenly distributed across the floor, it is attracted to the body from the feet up and there are no drafts from blowing air.

Thermosoft Radiant Floor Heating Leader Shares Success with Flooring Installers


Thermosoft's New Program Provides Leads to Its Contractors and Peace of Mind to Its Customers.

Thermosoft International Corporation, widely recognized as the USA's leading fully integrated American manufacturer of electric radiant floor heating, announced a new program to link its growing customer base to flooring installers and other building contractors.

Thermosoft's floor warming business has continued to grow despite or perhaps because of the broader weak economy. For example, many homeowners have elected to invest in energy savings and home comfort enhancements rather than take more extravagant vacations. Thermosoft floor warming is more energy efficient than conventional forced air heating so it is frequently included in remodeling jobs when new floors are installed such as in kitchens and baths, when basements are finished or when new rooms are added.

Although there is a fairly large percentage of do-it-yourselfers who are comfortable installing Thermosoft's radiant floor heating systems, there is an equal if not higher number of Thermosoft's customers who hire professional flooring installers and other contractors especially when the remodeling job involves more than just the floor.

"So many of our customers were asking for installer recommendations" stated Steve Kaempf, Thermosoft's Vice President of Sales, "this was the impetus for our new program".

Thermosoft's floor warming customers are invited to request a contractor in their area and include details of their remodeling project. Similarly, flooring installers and other contractors, including electricians and general contractors, are invited to register with Thermosoft so they can access these leads. All leads are qualified by Thermosoft's experienced, professional, inside sales personnel.

Although no purchase is necessary, many of the contractors who register are also Thermosoft customers who have experience installing Thermosoft's floor warming systems. An added benefit for contractors is participation in Thermosoft's Certified Installer Program that qualifies contractors for additional discounts on Thermosoft's radiant floor heating materials.

"It's a good deal for everyone involved," stated Steve Kaempf. "Our customers know they are getting experienced installers and our contractors know they are getting qualified leads and we know that our customers will be delighted with their floor warming system installations."

Leading Floor Warming Manufacturer Thermosoft Advocates Floor Heat for Allergy Sufferers


Thermosoft International Corporation, a leading USA manufacturer of electric radiant floor heating is advocating the benefits of floor warming for allergy sufferers.

People affected by allergies feel like the spring of 2013 was worse than ever before. Early blooming trees and flowers created an abundance of air-born pollen. Record setting rainfall kept mold counts high and cold, windy conditions helped to distribute pollen and mold spores everywhere.

The main advice of doctors, besides medication, is to stay inside and avoid allergens. But staying inside does not provide much relief when pollen manages to track its way in on shoes and clothing and through open doors. What's more, allergens typically found inside the home such as mold, pet dander and dust mites, can trigger hay fever-like symptoms just as troublesome as outside. Making matters worse, central forced-air heating systems circulate and blow allergens around the home just like the wind spreads and scatters allergens outside. Colder than normal temperatures this spring kept furnaces running longer and consequently, allergens were blowing throughout homes well into early June.

The solution is electric radiant floor heat for three main reasons. First, radiant floor heat is so soothing and comfortable that wall-to-wall carpeting can be eliminated. Carpet is the culprit that harbors the dust, dirt and allergens that people are trying to avoid. Getting rid of carpet is another step toward improving indoor air health.

Second, radiant floor heat "radiates" its soothing warmth just like the sun does. Unlike forced-air systems with fans or blowers, radiant floor heat is not blown through an (often dirty) air filter via (often dirty) ductwork into every room. There is simply no way for radiant floor heat to spread allergens. It is completely silent and free of drafts. What's more, its underfloor warmth helps dry out mold and mildew in bathrooms and other rooms where humidity is a problem.

Finally, electric radiant floor heat is easy to install. Some systems are as easy as rolling out the floor heating mats, covering the floor heat mats with a flooring material, such as laminate, wood or tile, and connecting the floor heating mats to a floor heating thermostat and the home's electric power.

With electric radiant floor heat, you don't have to convert the whole house at once. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling, electric radiant floor heat can be installed room by room. Use electric radiant floor heat only in the rooms where people spend most of their time or convert the whole house one room at a time. Typically, the first rooms where people install electric radiant floor heat are in their kitchens and bathrooms to make their tile floors warm and comfortable. But allergy sufferers might consider converting bedrooms first to electric radiant floor heating. Doctors advise focusing on bedrooms because that's where people spend one-third of their lives. Alternatively, any room where people spend a lot of time such as family rooms should be considered.

Thermosoft is the leading, fully integrated, USA manufacturer of UL compliant electric floor heating systems that are easy-to-install, affordable and green, saving energy up to 40%. Thermosoft provides electric radiant floor systems for installation under almost any type of floor covering. Same day shipping, lifetime warranty, toll-free installation and lifetime technical support are also provided.

UnderFloor Heating in Brooksville, Florida


Brooksville, Florida is an incorporated city in Hernando County, Florida – just north of Tampa – St. Petersburg- Clearwater. The average temperature during the coldest months is only 72°F during the day, yet – underfloor heating is popular and necessary! Why? Because even in a place that is warm and toasty like Brooksville, Florida, the temperatures in the night time can get into the mid to high forties. Yes, in- floor heat is useful south of the Mason Dixon line, not just for comfort, but also for HEAT!

In fact – where winters are mild – there is more of an argument for underfloor heating to be relied upon as a sole source of heat. Also – Floridians love ceramic tile – and ceramic tile and electric radiant floor heating systems go hand in hand. "In a new construction project in ‘warm climates', you might have people forego the installation of a furnace altogether," said Vice President of Sales for ThermoSoft International, Stephen Kaempf. "They will put radiant heating throughout the house, and enjoy comfort as well as the heat necessary to endure the winter. Ceramic tile installers who understand this really put themselves ahead of the rest by creating a custom niche for themselves." This is why N______________P ___________, a local DIY'er chose to install under floor heating - even in a place like, Brooksville, Florida. So, in floor heating systems are not just installed in the northern part of the United States but also are popular in areas that you wouldn't suspect.

Radiant Floor Heating on the West Coast


In the state of Washington, straddling the southeast shore of Lake Washington, at the mouth of Cedar River, is a little town called Renton – where A_______ R______ , a DIY'er, brought radiant floor heating For his own home. He was looking for floor heating system to be installed in his bathroom, and after much research and due diligence, the radiant heat flooring that was decided upon was the Thermotile system manufactured by Thermosoft. The Thermotile radiant floor heating system provides a budget friendly way to bring comfort to the place where you are barefoot and barely dressed. "The labor is a minimal for a DlY'er, as we have grandmas that are installing it," says Russ Dunn, Vice President of Marketing at Thermosoft, "but, if you want radiant heat flooring, and you are a bit budget conscious, Thermotile is a great choice, as you can buy it direct from us, the manufacturer!"

Another positive aspect of this floor heating system is that it can be installed with just one step, while you are laying down your tile you can mortar the tile right over the heater! You can also use the Thermostrips and install the Thermotile floor heating system using thin set. The Thermotile floor heating system is designed for all types of floor coverings, including ceramic or porcelain tiles, stone tiles, carpet or vinyl tiles, and laminate and glued wood (when embedded in cement). With a cozy bathroom filled with radiant floor heating, someone in Washington is going to have the WOW factor in their home, which will bring much envy from neighbors!

Electric Radiant Floor Heating meets "the Trowel"


When it comes to installing your floor heating system, the choice of the trowel is very important. A trowel is a flat, pointed tool used during the installation of tiles. Installers use these trowels to apply mortar or thin set to floors, countertops walls or even the back of the tiles, themselves (as they lay over your electric radiant floor heating). With different types of and sizes of trowels available, and the added step of installing radiant floor heating, it can be difficult for homeowners decide which trowel to use for a specific project. When comparing types of trowels, you can take into consideration factors such as the size of your tiles, the type and design of your tiles, and of course the type of floor heating system you are installing. For electric radiant floor heating, we believe it is important for you to have a plastic trowel on hand. Why? The biggest issue and cause of failure of a floor heating system is improper installation. This improper installation of electric radiant floor heating can range from incorrect spacing of the floor heating mats, improper preparation of the floor, and "nicking" of the wire with one of the tools you are using to install your floor heating system. By using a plastic trowel instead of a metal trowel, you are eliminating one of the largest reasons for compromise of the floor heating cables. The plastic trowel does allows you to install your floor heating system with confidence, and if you happen to brush or hit the cable hard with the trowel, you will not nick or cut the wire. Also – the heavy duty trowel is easy to clean, and won't rust. It is something every contractor who installs electric radiant floor heating should have in his bag, and every DIY'er should use!

Electric Radiant Heating and George Washington


What does radiant floor heating systems and George Washington have in common? They have both spent a little time in East Meadow, New York. East Meadow is a hamlet in Long Island, that was "founded" in 1655 by two surveyors as an "east meadow" that was suitable for grazing their sheep. Now, years after the sheep have gone, Thermosoft International has been b-a-a—a-ack with their electric radiant floor heating systems.

East Meadow consisted of two large farms, one which was called Barnam Woods. It is rumored that George Washington spent a night on the Barnum estate during a trip across Long Island in 1790. Now – George Washington is long gone, but radiant floor heating is present and accounted for. "I cannot tell a lie, we are excited about our contractors who are operating on Long Island and installing radiant floor heating with many of their clients. Although the cherry tree has been chopped down a long time ago, Themosoft is chopping prices by 50% on our on line business, and we are giving contractors an even bigger discount on all of our radiant floor heating systems," said Steve Kaempf, Vice President of Sales for Thermosoft. Thermosoft is offering all of its Long Island customers "presidential" treatment on electric radiant floor heating, and giving each resident of East Meadow a chance to make history by installing our high quality electric radiant floor heating in their homes, some of which date back into the 1700's. "New construction or retrofit – we have the right floor heating system for you!" finished Steve.

Radiant Floor Heating and the Power Module


As great as radiant floor heating was, in the past one of the drawbacks was how much square foot coverage you can have with your heated floor mats which could be powered under one thermostat. It used to be, that with a 120V radiant floor heating system, you could cover about one hundred and fifty square feet, and with a 220V radiant floor heating system, you could cover about three hundred square feet. If you wanted to cover additional square footage with in floor heating, you would have to add another thermostat - or perhaps add a relay to the system. Neither of these things was a huge drawback – however, you could not control large areas of radiant floor heating, or even whole houses, with the use of just one thermostat…..UNTIL NOW! ThermoSoft has introduced a nifty little device called a "power module", which is manufactured by OJ Electronics in Denmark. It is only compatible with OJ manufactured thermostats, which ThermoSoft sells as well. What this nifty little device does, is helps you expand your floor heating system coverage area INFINITELY (so long as you have the correct amount of power coming to your house)! For a 120V floor heating system, you simply add one power module for each additional one hundred and fifty square feet you'd like to cover. For a 240V floor heating system, you simply add one power module for each additional three hundred square feet you'd like to cover. So now, whether you want to control one floor of radiant floor heating or a whole house – it is possible with ThermoSoft's new OJ Power Module!

Electric Radiant Floor Heating heads to South Beach


Fede Design group, located in Miami, Florida, is a group of creative specialists focused on one goal: The development of projects created specifically for each one of our customers. They love to help clients turn their dreams into realities. One of their client's dreams included the installation of electric radiant floor heating throughout their entire house. Miami beach rarely has a need for heat, however, part of the unique design of the space that Federico ("Fede") Teran was creating was the inclusion of an in floor heating system. "Heated floor systems have a way of defining a project, and helping a designer stand out from the rest of the pack," declared Vice President of Sales Stephen Kaempf. "Electric radiant floor heating is economically smart, green, and it is off the charts when it comes to comfort. There are plenty of designers that can hit the "sight" part of the five senses, but the floor heating is one of the unique design features that affect the "feel" piece of the five senses, " continued Steve. In the Miami project, the floor heating system was installed in the dining areas, the bedrooms, the bathrooms and even the laundry space. "Whether you are sitting down for a meal, getting ready for bed, or stepping out of the shower, your "feel" senses are inundated with warmth and comfort," said Steve. "It really is hard to beat! Also- for guests to come over, head to the bathroom and also get their "feel " senses wowed by the electric radiant floor heating is also impressive!"

Underfloor Heating isn't Corny – Or Is It?


Lexington Nebraska is famous for being a stop along the Pony Express route in the 1860's. Neither sleet, nor snow, nor danger stopped the mail from being delivered by those faithful riders. Now, Thermosoft is delivering something quite different to Lexington Nebraska – namely underfloor heating. Yes, in the heart of the corn belt – in-floor heat is popular and thriving. Recently, D____ Construction performed an entire floor installation of underfloor heating and the customer couldn't be happier. Bedrooms and bathrooms were all covered with Thermotile heated floor mats. Providing comfort that only radiant flooring can provide on those cold mid-western nights, where the winds howl from the north. "There are several reasons our customers choose Thermotile under floor heating over the others," declared VP of Marketing Russ Dunn. "First, our product is manufactured in the U.S.A., which is important to folks. Next, our underfloor heating product has zero EMF – which is also critical to some who consider EMF a health hazard. Thermotile heated floor mats include a commercial grade fiberglass mesh, which lays flat for easy installation, and acts as an anti- fracture membrane. Also, you can install Thermotile heated floor mats under any type of flooring, ceramic, wood, laminates and even carpet! Lastly," continued Russ," Thermosoft offers a lifetime warranty for the floor heating system, it doesn't get better than that!" So, harvest time – or any time – Thermosoft has a bumper crop of reasons why their underfloor heating should be chosen over the rest.

Electric Floor Heating the Brooklyn Way


Brooklyn is the most populated of the five buroughs in New York, boasting about 2.5 million people. With such a large population – you can get lost in the crowd. Having electric radiant floor heating is one way to separate yourself from the masses. I might say this tongue in cheek, but Pietro from A__________ is one of New York's high end and energy efficient renovation specialists, and uses in floor heat as a major selling point when looking at remodeling jobs. "We advise many contractors too always quote electric floor heating as an option on all of their jobs," says Stephen Kaempf, Vice President of Sales. "Prospects love to hear about gadgets and energy savings concepts that help them stand out from the rest and in floor heating is one of those", he continued. "Every year millions of people decide to renovate their homes, and most of them have the same goal – to make homes more functional, mJr-jie Wang, Presore secure, more comfortable and more enjoyable. Electric floor heating helps them achieve a few of those goals." In terms of functionality, in floor heat cannot be any simpler, providing localized heating where you may need it. In terms of comfort, what could be more comfortable than the soothing feeling of electric floor heating on your bare feet? Also – electric radiant floor heating, if installed in larger common areas, can allow you to turn your whole house thermostat down a few clicks, which will put money back in your pocket in energy savings.

Heated Flooring and Property Management


Recently, a well known property management firm placed their order for heated flooring from Thermosoft. Having a good source for in floor heat systems is a key element to be a top quality property management company. In today's real estate market, a company needs every extra edge and advantage in order to separate itself from the rest of the pack. As a client looks at a potential space, heated flooring in key areas could potentially be the deciding factor on whether a space gets rented or not. "When people come to rent a home or a commercial space – they are thinking about the wow factor, something that they can feel good about, and in floor heat is one of those," says Vice President of Sales Stephen Kaempf. "Also – they get used to the creature comforts of heated flooring and when it comes time to renew their lease, it is one of the many types of "glue" that keeps them in their place for another year or so". Also electric radiant floor heat can be a simple solution when heating in a certain part of a building might be inadequate. "We had one property management firm that had a drafty area in one of the bedrooms. Instead of the tenant turning up the thermostat and heating the whole unit – the property management firm decided to installed heated floors in the bedroom, thus providing localized heat where it was needed," commented Steve Kaempf. Property managers take heed – your customers love heated flooring!

Heated Flooring and Accessorizing


There are all types of floor warming systems that Thermosoft offers, and there is a specific use for each heated floor system. Once you've decided on the type of in floor heat you will be using, you then need to decide what type of accessories you would like. Here is a brief description of the various accessory options which can be ordered with your heated flooring.

  • Thermostats – There are many choices of thermostats which can power up and control your floor warming system. If you are on the frugal and simple side, you can go with a simple manual thermostat, which is no frills – and just powers up your thermostat. If you are a little more "techy" or want to program operating times for your in floor heating system, you can go with several options of programmable thermostats from various manufacturers.

  • Installation Monitor – This is a must when installing your in floor heat. This handy little device monitors radiant flooring mats for a short circuit or open circuits during installation. This device will make sure that your heated flooring remains "working" while installers are working their magic.

  • Back up Floor sensor - This is a 10' floor sensor probe which is a "back up" in case the sensor you've installed underneath the floor stops working. The cases are rare that this happens (if ever) however, it is very inexpensive insurance for such a thing.

  • Installation Help Tools – These include a multimeter – which is used to monitor resistance of your heated floor system during installation and after installation. Another handy tool is a plastic trowel, which is key to help avoiding any nicking of the cables of your in floor heat. Other items that you can add in are glue guns, knee pads and tape.

So, yes it is fashionable to accessorize when you are purchasing your heated flooring system!

Radiant Floor Heating - Great for Summer?!


Summertime is a "hot time" for radiant floor heating. You may think I'm joking, that I have my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. Not so. In floor heat is not just for the winter time, and I will prove it, with my "Top Reasons for radiant floor heating in the Summer": Let us hear the drum roll please!

Reason number 1: When you or your children get home from the pool, they are a slippery dripping mess. Whether they go into the mud room or the bathroom – they will leave huge puddles of water. Water for people to slip on and water that will get your socks wet. What better place to have electric radiant floor heating – which slowly will dry up even the biggest puddle over time.

Reason Number 2: Air Conditioning can create a very cold tile – and make it very uncomfortable for your feet. Radiant floor heating can take the edge off of the cold floors –even in the summer time – and add that luxurious comfort in your private bath space. In basements – radiant floor heating can take the edge off of the cold floor, no matter the season!

Reason Number 3: 3 Season rooms and porches are typically heated by the common furnace, or perhaps a wood furnace. In the evening, it is usually cold in the three season room – but not cold enough to turn on the household furnace. What a great time to use your radiant floor heating for localized heat – right where you need it. Radiant floor heating in a 3 season room is a no brainer!

So there you have it – and I'm sure you can think of your own reasons why radiant floor heating is popular – even in the summer-time. Enjoy!

Electric Radiant Heat in Beaverton, Oregon


Oregon's sixth largest city is Beaverton, which sits just 6 miles outside of Portland in the Tualatin River Valley. It is listed by Money Magazine, in 2010, as one of the 100 "best places to live" among smaller cities in the U.S. One of the reasons (we're sure at Thermosoft anyway) why is because J____ T_____ at B_________ Construction has installed Thermosoft's electric radiant heat in over a dozen different properties throughout the town. "I've installed Thermosoft radiant heat flooring in over a dozen homes and I haven't had a problem yet," declared J_____, owner of his construction company. "In fact, the last 300 square feet of electric radiant heat – I installed in my own home, Whaddya think about that?" Well of course, anytime a construction professional decides to install our in floor heat in his own home, we consider it a great compliment. "The last installation of electric radiant heat went smoothly, just like the others!" declared J_____." In terms of weather, Beaverton, Oregon would be considered a mild winter climate, with averages of 34° in the wintertime, but it is a perfect environment for in floor heat – which warms floors on the coldest days and provides comfort in the summer months. Although Thermosoft's electric radiant floor heat does not require a professional to install (25% of our heated floor mats are installed by do-it-yourselfers), Thermosoft has a host of professionals that you can trust if you need to have the electric radiant floor heat installed by a professional.

Electric Floor Heating and BBQ


The title of today's blog is the answer to this question: What is Kansas famous for? Well they have always been famous for their barbecue, but now they are also famous for electric floor heating. Usually – in Kansas – they expect their barbecue to be served on time – hot and tasty! Well that is the same service that T__ A____ from A---- Quality Home Improvement received from our superior sales staff when he was ordering his floor heating system. Just like good barbecue , where you don't want people to lay on the sauce too thick, when it comes to radiant heat flooring you want to hear the facts and the truth. "The customer support was helpful, courteous and not pushy. They provided all of the information I needed for me to purchase my electric floor heating," exclaimed T____, owner of the business. Also- another sign of great barbecue is – will they come back for more?! Well T___ answered that question by saying, "I will definitely be back to Thermosoft again for their electric floor heating". T___ ordered Thermotile – our under tile floor warming system. In terms of electric radiant floor heating, Thermotile has all the bells and whistles. It features installation friendly 10 foot grounded lead wires, zero EMF, four insulation layers on the construction of the cable, commercial grade fiberglass mesh, and it is made in the U.S.A. So for delicious barbecue, you may need to travel to Kansas, but for electric floor heating – you need not travel at all, but just order on line or give us a buzz, and in a few days, your heated floor mats will be on your doorstep!

Heated Flooring in Ohio


Bay Village, Ohio was ranked by Family Circle Magazine as one of the "Ten Best Towns for Families in 2012". It is also now ranked as one of Thermosoft's favorite towns where we love to install our heated flooring. Working with A_______, VP of Operations at A_______ Restoration company in Ohio has been a pleasure", said David Kaempf, Sales Specialist for Thermosoft International. "A_____________ had a situation where he wanted to install in floor heat under a wood floor, and didn't want the hassle that comes along with installing traditional heated flooring, like mortars and cements". Thermosoft's answer for this situation is their patented three in one heated flooring solution, Thermosfloor. "There simply is no electric radiant floor heating solution that is easier to install," commented Dave. Thermofloor provides thermal insulation, sound protection and of course, radiant heating. The floor warming system can be installed on any structurally solid sub-floor, and minimizes raising the floor, as it is "ultra thin". Thermofloor heated flooring is made with Thermosoft's patented FiberThermics® technology, which gives the product a competitive edge from all the rest. Thermofloor heated floor mats can be installed under any type of laminates, carpet tiles, and of course wood floors as well. Heated flooring can be used for comfort and it also can be used as a sole source of heating, so today – as wood floors are installed in the whole house – you can install in floor heat and experience a dramatic reduction in your heating bill. Bay Village, Ohio will never be the same, now that it has had a taste of our wonderful floor heating.

Heated Flooring in Houston


"Rarely do we have any type of winter weather in Houston, Texas," says Nick **** owner of A**** Builders in Houston Texas. "People just want to install radiant heat flooring for comfort to keep their tootsies warm!" Heated flooring is not just for the northern states – but for all people who wish to take the chill off of any cold floors, whether it be tile or laminates. In floor heating is becoming more and more popular – and more affordable! "I was called by a client last year – who was building a fifteen thousand square foot home, who said they wanted to install a heated floor system for their bathroom. It was too late for hydronic (water) floor warming system – as we were already too deep into the process of construction. We installed the Thermotile system and it works great! Our customer couldn't be happier!" There are many other reasons to choose an electric floor heating system versus a hydronic one floor warming system. Unlike hydronic systems, electric radiant floor heat does not rely on heating the slab, therefore, electric radiant systems are more responsive to ambient temperature changes. Electric radiant systems are highly energy efficient especially in tight building envelopes for the following reasons: 100% of the energy expended is used directly heating the surface of the floor evenly distributed across the room. No energy is lost pumping or circulating water, venting exhaust or moving through tubing or ductwork. Finally, unlike hydronic, electric radiant floor heating is maintenance-free. There are no boilers, pumps, tubes or valves to invest in or maintain. All the above factors make electric radiant floor heating not only viable, but the preferred heating solution for an energy efficient future.

Electric Floor Heating and Alltrades


Alltrade Services Inc, was founded in 2010, and is a construction contractor specializing in everything from simple handyman tasks to new home construction. With all of their work, they try to include electric floor heating when the opportunity arises. They have had experience with many floor heating systems, but for many reasons, Thermosoft International has become their main source for electric floor heating. Floor warming systems are in high demand , as Alltrades is located in the mid-western United States, where the winters can get awfully cold. There is nothing that makes a new construction or remodel job impress more than radiant floor heating in the bathroom, kitchen, basement or other living space. " I like Thermosoft's floor heating mat (Thermotile)! It is easy to install. On many other systems, you have to mortar down the mat and then add another layer for the tile- adding ¼" to the floor height," exclaimed the owner Ken. "With Thermotile I just layout the mat, spread the thin-set mortar and lay the tiles!" Along with electric floor heating installation and other construction projects – Alltrades also provides REO services such as lock change outs and winterizations. Ken also mentioned as a part of his experience – that the tech support was friendly- and available to answer the minor questions that came up during his installation of the electric floor heating. Thermosoft looks forward to partnering with companies such as Alltrades as they make their offering of electric underfloor heating to their clients and prospects.

Bringing Floor Heat to Chile


One of South America's most stable and prosperous nations is the Republic of Chile. It is a recognized middle power and has an emerging economy. Now – it also boasts of being able to provide Thermosoft's floor heating to its people. Warm tiles were a strange concept to this nation only a few short years ago, but now in floor heat has become popular and in some of the colder regions – a necessity. There is a strong desire by the Chileans to reduce power consumption and electric floor heat is perfect for this goal. Radiant floor heat provides for energy savings because of its efficiencies. In a forced air system, the heat typically blows around, and drifts up to the ceiling almost immediately. In – floor heating provides for warmth to begin at the floor, and then rise up. Also, radiant floor heat can be zoned to heat a particular room at a particular time, versus forced air or even baseboard heat,that is rarely zoned so acutely.

Thermosoft Chile is partnering with Chilectra- the largest electrical energy provider in Chile – and is helping the constituents across the nation understand the energy saving benefits of radiant floor heating. "The energy efficiency comes in various forms. With an in floor heating system, the warm floor heats evenly and rises slowly to the top of the room. Most of the electric radiant floor heat is efficiently transferred to the objects it comes in contact with (ie your feet, body etc.) Contrast this with a conventional forced air heating system, where heat registering at over 100 degrees farenheit blasts out of the furnace and into the heating ducts. Through the heating ducts it goes, until it comes out of every possible register in every room of the house. Once it exits into the room, the warm air promptly rushes up to the ceiling," describes Dimitry Kochman, Vice President of Research and Development at Thermosoft. With Thermosoft's partnership, Chile has never been warmer and never been so energy efficient!

Radiant Floor Heating at Eastover Hotel and Retreat


Sitting at the foot of October Mountain State Forest in Massachusetts is the comfortable, yet rustic Eastover Hotel and Retreat. It boasts the largest indoor space in Berkshire County and has enormous outdoor grounds as well, which are perfect for large group gatherings, concerts and banquets. There is much to do in the area, including biking, hiking and climbing, as well as meditating in nature. Now, it also adds radiant floor heating to its list of features that separates the Eastover Hotel and Retreat from the rest. Electric floor heating is being installed in the main lobby, and in the bathrooms of some of the rooms at the Massachusetts hotel. Dan Walsh, operator of the Eastover Hotel & Resort, said, "We have our first floor heating mats installed in the lobby and we are looking to do more, so far it is all good." So as the cool season sets in, the warm floors will be a welcome addition to all the patrons after a day in the outdoors.

Electric radiant floor heating can either serve as a sole source of heating, or it can serve as a complimentary heat source, creating warm tiles and luxury. This is the goal of the Eastover Hotel. The Eastover Hotel boasts several different types of accommodations to suit your needs. There is the East Colonial, West Colonial and South Gable rooms, which are more traditional hotel rooms, featuring one and two bed arrangements. The ranch house accommodates larger groups and is perfect for family gatherings etc. Now, as you enjoy the wonderful accommodations described above, you will also be able to bask in the luxury of warm floors featured in some of these rooms. For more information about the Eastover Hotel & Retreat, please go to www.eastover.com, and tell them Thermosoft sent you!

Thermosoft Radiant Floor Heating & Yoder's Building Supply Team Up!


Yoder's Building Supply, located in Carolina, has been in the building supply business for over 20 years, and has expanded a four man operation to over 135 employees. When Maurice Mast (Yoder's purchasing) was searching for a good electric radiant floor heating source, he had many options. The internet has a host of resources for floor warming systems, but this is not the way the Yoder's has built their company. Yoder's has built their business with doing a great job – and letting those they serve spread this by word of mouth. "We had a builder that wanted to install in floor heating in the bathrooms, so we talked to one of the most reputable tile installers we knew, asked where he would recommend us getting our electric radiant heat system from, and he referred us to Thermosoft," said Martin Mast.

Since their first purchase a few years ago of heated floor systems, Yoder's has consistently returned to Thermosoft for their radiant flooring. Yoder's Building Supply mission is to serve their customers and help them be successful in business, and Thermosoft's floor warming systems have now become a part of this mission. Yoder's is also passionate about the Jamaica Relief Ministries, which was birthed in the aftermath of Hurricane Gilbert in 1989. They may not need to warm their floors in Jamaica – but they do need generous people and organizations like the Yoder's, stepping up to help for a good cause.

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